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5 of the strangest engines that made it to production

An engine puts the auto in automobile; without one, you merely have a carriage and have successfully shifted yourself backwards by 120 years. A century-plus of engine development has brought forth a vast array of solutions to the internal combustion problem. Virtually every person who has set their mind to building a car has experimented with the number, orientation, and even shape of the cylinders.


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You don't have to go too far back to find unusual. We're all now familiar with the smart fortwo but what many Americans may not realize is that there was a version with a 3 cylinder turbo diesel. It was a 0.8 liter. You could get them in Canada only during the first two years of importation and infact it was the only engine available. By clipping the speed limiter, upwards of 170 kph was possible and some owners achieved more than 100 mpg. I bought two of them new back then.


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