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5 of the greatest street races you can still watch today | Hagerty Media

Street racing is a loaded term in today's society. Most think of flashlight drags or other illegal pastimes, but events held on public roads remain among the most prestigious events on today's motorsports calendar. 360-something days out of the year, these tracks serve duty as community byways, funneling traffic to mundane destinations.

They've been running an excellent IndyCar race on the streets of Toronto for awhile now.

The thought that these phantastic Venues are going to Fall quite in the not all to distant Future is almost unbearable gone will be the gutteral Sound of a decelarating Norton At the Isle of Man the growl of the Titans at Indy the drumming of those mighty Nascars and the Whine and Howl of all the Formula and Sports Cars Puff the Magic Dragon will slip quietly into his Cave ? or is he not going without a Fight

I believe the only vintage street racing in the country can be found at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. A weeklong celebration of all things motorized.

This is a great list. I've seen them all on TV, but seeing them all in person would be a great bucket list item.
Hagerty Employee

Le Mans... some day!!

Intermediate Driver

Taking full advantage of being a salesman with Europe as a territory, I've been fortunate to attend both the Monaco GP and LeMans, three times, each (one HAS to weekend somewhere). They are such different experiences. The enjoyment was, for me, a metaphor for the races, themselves. To go the 24 hours at LeMans requires endurance, just as for the cars and drivers. Monaco, on the other hand, can be a more elegant and less exhausting experience, for all parties. Especially in Monaco, at least, if it rains (1984). It was worth it, just to hear these cars racing.
Intermediate Driver

What about the race in the streets of Macau.

Great street races are mostly gone. Almost any race that uses Jersey barriers is a no go for me. 

Lemans survives as does Pikes Peak but not much else. Belgium lost most of its roads. The Green Hell in full length sees limited action. Monaco has become more a qualifying social event as the cars have surpassed the ability of the track. 

I just have little interest in street events in most cities anymore. 

Road Rally racing still delivers a thrill so we at least have that. 

Intermediate Driver

Long Beach has so many lasting memories for me.
It was my first GP in 1976 (I was 10)…walking up to Shoreline Drive and hearing the glorious sound of a V12 Matra screaming by. Getting to meet my heroes - Colin Chapman, Mario Andretti, James Hunt, Gilles Villeneuve, and others. In those days, spectators were separated from the team’s work areas (inside the Arena) by only a four-foot-tall railing. One could watch teams working on the cars just a couple feet away. In 1977, my dad and I got to listen to Chapman & Andretti discuss race strategy and spring set-ups (the year they won). How things have changed since then.

I lived in Long Beach for several years (mid-1990s), four blocks from the track. Every spring, there was a sense of giddiness as the walls & fences were being put up. Coming home from work, late at night, I would drive down Shoreline buzzing along close to the walls as I dared…and trying to pretend/imagine that my little Honda Civic sounded like that beautiful Matra.
Pit Crew

Brighton Speed Trials. Since 1905 a full on drag race along the sea front in Brighton, England.
Predating US drag racing by almost 50 years it is a roughly quarter mile "highest speed" rather than quickest time test.

Driving up Pikes peak was a fun thing I did in a rental car. Fun fact. The day i went there Ken Block had earlier in the day filmed one of his Gymkhana films. Saw the tire tracks he left behind after seeing his trucks go down the mountain that late afternoon. I can only imagine driving up the mountain "in anger" has to be the craziest thing to do.
Intermediate Driver

-Uses Belle Isle as thumbnail picture
-Doesn't mention Belle Isle in article
New Driver

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix ( should definitely be included here. This event has been run continuously--except for 2020--since the early 1980's. The festival begins on July 11 with some downtown car shows and there is a feeder event at Pitt Race. The feature takes place July 24-25 in Schenley Park in downtown Pittsburgh during which the streets through the park are closed off and given over to great Vintage racing.

I have driven in it several times and was fortunate to have won my class/group in 2009 in my Elva Courier. Onboard camera footage can be found here:

The race weekend is a blast for both drivers and spectators.

Best--Michael Oritt
New Driver

Y'all seem to forget about your neighbors to the north! What about the Toronto Indy?
Intermediate Driver

As a race mechanic in the early oughts, The Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in Quebec was always one of my favorite events.