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Hagerty Employee

5 obscure electric cars you’ve (probably) never heard of

The humble electric car has for many decades flirted with mainstream success, leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs that leads us to today’s Teslas and Taycans. Many remember the General Motors EV1 and, to a lesser extent, the Toyota Rav4 and Honda Fit EVs, but these days electric cars closer to widespread acceptance than ever before. Companies are investing untold billions into the development of electrified vehicle platforms, and before long our beloved hydrocarbon-huffing internal combustion engines could seem old hat. Until then, it’s worth looking back at some of history’s showroom-sold EVs that ran out of juice. Some of these were mad sciences projects, while others were destined from the get-go as consumer projects, but all deserve recognition for their forward-thinking innovation.


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Great article. I'd love to see a feature article on India's Reva EV's. 

Pit Crew

Pit Crew

Yes indeed ! Great article. I would love to find a 47 Tama. But yet there is one more obscure electric vehicle that is very much (and was quickly) forgotten. The 2012 Coda ev. This was a one year production car made with several parts (most left over) and built in Benicia Ca. The drive train was engineered by the Coda team. I had one then found two more for friends that wanted one, and, sold all three in the end to one couple in LA ! The Coda was actually way ahead of most EV’s back in the day. 500 made, 117 sold to the public. Imagine 3 in one place. Yes they were all sold to a couple in LA, Ca. They were all loaded up on a car carrier and taken away. The buyers already owned one and originally purchased it from a Coda dealership in Los Angeles. I knew of one more in San Francisco and spotted one in Half Moon Bay, Ca. So in total there 5 within a 15 mile radius ! Coda only survived one year. Sad ending for a promising little car.