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Hagerty Employee

5 New Year's resolutions for gearheads | Hagerty Media

The idea of New Year's resolutions is one I personally don't understand. If you are doing what you like to do (so long as it's not hurting anyone), you shouldn't need a flamboyant course-correction when the calendar flips back round to January.
Pit Crew

I don't make resolutions as such. But I have a car plan for 2021. I am going to move the MGA Coupe that I'm giving to my daughter to a friend's garage 20 miles away and in May or June I expect to take delivery of a 1962 Jensen-built Volvo P1800. I'm pretty sure both are going to happen. But if I don't call them resolutions, there's less room for embarrassment.

As a self employed person, I've found that the only way to successfully complete a large project is to work on it every day. It doesn't matter what is done, just get something done and be sure to do it every single day. Skipping a day means skipping a week and then a month. It doesn't matter what kind of project it is. Just keep working on it and eventually, like magic, it will get completed.

That's what I'm talking about! It's so easy to skip the second, third, and 450th day after you miss the first one.

Agreed. A rear suspension project is going like this. "A bushing a day" is what I tell the wife. So one bushing may take 15 or 30 minutes to press out, or press in. The progress seems to be self-reinforcing. Last night, I had to be reminded 3 times to come in from the garage for dinner.
Pit Crew

My New Year's Resolution? Start kart racing at the local club ASAP after fixing up the race kart my friends are gifting me for Christmas! I can't get awards yet until I run an official LO206 (which is like $600 for a kart engine), but I don't care! I'm gonna race because I want to race, and not for any other reason!
Intermediate Driver

After seeing the picture of Kyle's garage, mine doesn't look so bad!! We both have Gearhead Garages......LOL.........

Good advice even if you don't apply it to cars.
Advanced Driver

2020 was to be the year that I put new tires on the car because the ones on it have plenty of tread but 2000 miles, or less, a year for several years was not doing them any favors in the slowly becoming a danger to myself and others department.

This was also to be the year that I finally changed that timing belt that I installed about 80,000 miles ago before my 13 year old was born. This is also the main reason that I almost never take the car out.

I was also going to install the new speakers that my wife got me for Christmas (2019).

Something happened, the speakers went in but there were issues and I ended up with a passenger seat held closed with safety pins. Next was Hagerty stepping in with a Drive In event featuring Ferris Bueller's day off so I had to get new tires for that two hour road trip with my kid as soon as I saw the cracking that was starting while I was washing the car for the event. With new tires on the car I remembered how much I enjoy driving it and the name of someone I actually trust to do my timing belt so I decided that instead of doing it myself I would send it out. The car now sits with new tires, a new timing belt and related items. As a bonus the guy that did the timing belt gave me, yes gave me, a new passenger seat that I just need to put my speakers into so I guess I have a 2021 list started.

Honestly I think if it wasn't for Hagerty and their events I might not have knocked out my 2020 list. Tomorrow, 1/2/2021, when it is warm enough to drive with the top down I am going to put on my "Drive at Dawn" hat and take the car for the last drive of the season before I take out the passenger seat and start on my 2021 list.
Pit Crew

I always say..The hardest step in keeping on your project is getting up and dressed and walking out to the shop!

Once there, a world of possible accomplishments is there for the taking..

Nobody can spend “just” a half hour. That’s a good thing.
New Driver

Happy New Year!

“well-research book is often packed with more information and is just more fun to read than any internet article–and that is coming from a guy who writes internet articles.”

Should have started reading a book — 🙂
Intermediate Driver

Not a bad article for those who don't have any plans or goals. So, after reading it, thought, ahhh- - - yes! New retractable running boards for the GMC. Hmmmm and oh yeah- - - gota buff the paint on it also. Need to farm that one out! The C5, new tires and alignment as the rears have indicated. Oh yeah, the "32 Highboy. Hmmm- - - - put new carpeting in it last year but really need to install self adjusting brakes on the rear axle. Maybe install a locker? So I have a few grand in parts needed so will need to budget! Wait- - - does anyone still do that? So new tires and the retractable running boards- - remember - "Happy wife- -Happy Life! " So to all, Happy Motoring in 2021! Get the cars out and use'em!
Intermediate Driver

As the writer stated and I share; I'm not big on New Years Resolutions but I do often use the years beginning to "schedule" what I plan on doing, it just seems a good "starting point". To reflect, comment on the "5" noted in the article; I offer the following (my personal view):

30 Minutes Each Week: I sort of like this and I somewhat do it; the problem is often the set aside "30 Minutes" ends up being 30 minutes of "considering", "wanting", "identifying" what I should or needs to be done and then after that I return to doing whatever I was doing. But this year I am going to jump right into that project and give it the entire "30 minutes" of my time unless I'm just not in the mood or something else pops up, like watching a baseball game on TV, going fishing or just sitting back having a beer and cigar, we'll play it by ear.

Read More Books: I like this one and I love reading the "Hagerty Magazine" - is that considered a "Book", can't wait until it arrives in the mail; so I'll try to read the entire mag rather than just flipping through it and reading article of interest to me. Now this expanded reading depends on what I had for dinner, most of my reading is done after dinner, upstairs, in the "reading room", if you know what I mean.

Schedule 5 Drives: No problem here, once the Spring and Summer season arrive (Ohio); I try to get either of my classics out and take a nice cruise - at least once a week, that's 4 times a month, April, May, June, July, August, September squeeze one or two in on October; heck that's far more than 5 but I aint cutting back.

Quite Smoking: At first I thought how, why would you squeeze this one in, thinking it was associated to tobacco; I thought I'm not quitting my 2-3 times a month good cigar, then I read on. I'd love to entertain this resolution, but one of my classics is a VW Bug, I mean 3 things that makes the Bug a Bug, the "Horn", the "Oil Leaks" and yes a little "puff of smoke" when she's been sitting for a while and you start her up, not changing any of that - cross this of "My List".

Volunteer or Donate: Is this comment considered "Volunteering" or "Donating" ? If so - "DONE".

Hope every one has a great New Year - 2021, we made it through 2020, looking forward to a better cruising, gathering 2021.

Stay Safe
Stay Healthy

New Driver

I'm sure most of you reading this, has a shop or garage to work on your classics?
Let's be "Thankful" we have a place to do these things, that we can only imagine.
When I'm I done with my car? The answer, Never...
New Driver

These discussions fall into my "good problems to have" category. Given the infinite variables of "problems to have" in 2021, let's all hope that all our "problems to solve" are limited to this list. It would be a very good 2021, indeed. Even if our projects very much resemble their current status 364 days from now, we'll have ample reason(s) to celebrate New Year's Eve, 2021.
New Driver

I think my #1 goal will be to put permanent heat in my shop for the winter months.

I just finished installing heat in mine and boy does it feel luxurious!

Kyle, excellent, and I thank you.
To Hagerty: Best wishes, and a better Year to you, and all of us in the Club.
Intermediate Driver

Should we still do burnouts and stoplight drags
Intermediate Driver

These are all great suggestions. Reading and donating, check! Smoking? That's a low priority, but I do have some gaskets to be installed. Finding drives is easy once the car is running again. I would love to spend 30 minutes a week working on my car. If only I had a garage. I would like to tinker in private, not in my front yard. Perhaps having one built should be my resolution. I'll have to review my finances. I'm mechanically challenged but can turn a wrench with proper instruction. My current problem is electrical and I don't feel confident in tracing that. I was about to call my friend who is a master Studebaker mechanic and see if he can put me on his calendar for this year. I'll wait until tomorrow and offer him my stimulus check. He does it for the love, not the money, and so has yet to bill me for the last go-round. Good luck to all!
Intermediate Driver

Kyle....I like your shop. But you have the same problem with cluttered horizontal space that I have.

One of my new year resolutions is to continue cleaning out my shop. I started last year and made a dent. I found parts to vehicles that I haven't owned in 15 years. Another resolution is to stop going to the salvage yards, as I have all the spare parts that I could possibly need for my current fleet stored in boxes.

I currently volunteer at a classic car museum near me. It's the most fun that I have ever had while working. The museum has almost no volunteers under the age of 60. Where are the 40 and 50 year old volunteers? I have volunteered at my local SPCA and United Way. Many worthy causes need volunteers and the effort pays many rewards. You will meet many very cool people and help your community.

I had a lot of projects running when that photo was taken (over the summer this year) but that is as bad as my workbench gets. i work very hard to keep the flat spaces in my shop clean. There is nothing worse than going out to start working on something and having to spend a half hour cleaning before you can start!
Pit Crew

Like this article,
on the small bites theme... when I have excess debris in the shop I cut it up & start a stack, feed it into the weekly garbage a bit a week, big pile disappears pretty fast.
On the cluttered workbench issue I have a benchtop (with vice) hinged to the wall I lift up onto folding legs, it is almost in the way of the other car so I fold it down when I'm done to put the car away, can't collect stuff like the other horiz surfaces.


Happy New Year to all ! Great article Kyle. As F360Spider mentioned, EVERY day (in my humble opinion) is a better goal to shoot for. That way, if you miss 1 (or 2) it is easy to remember that you must get back on it immediately. For me (personally) if it was "weekly" it is too easy to keep putting off until ANOTHER day later in the week & as we all know, it doesn't always happen.
Another thing I have found helps making "working" in the shop easier is to have it "Set-up" to be comfortable for yourself. Ex. Lighting, heat/air, music or whatever (and of course organization) etc.
AS SteveNL points out, clutter in the shop, which, in my last "redo" of my shop, I have gone back to my old ways of NOT storing ANYTHING un-shop related in it. Hence coolers, lawn chairs etc. etc. etc. now have to find a home in some OTHER viable location (makes a WORLD of difference) other than my shop.
In conclusion, make a plan (a realistic one, whatever it is) and stick with it!
Best of all to the Hagerty community & enjoy 2021!
Intermediate Driver

Finish Project #1 before (re)starting project #2. I have always had multiple projects going at the same time. But something else always draws my eyes (squirrel!) so then one of the existing projects gets "done enough" to flip so I can buy the new "not so shiny" thing. As a result, I've never really finished a project to my satisfaction or original goal. I started this goal in 2020 by selling off 3 cars, only keeping my 2 favorites. 2021 is about focusing on and finishing project 1. BUY NO NEW PROJECTS - then and only - solely focus on project #2 and see it to completion.

I have to admit your "buy no new projects" hits home for me too. I expect this to be the year I buy a lot of tools, and hopefully sell a few of the projects while tightening up the others.
Intermediate Driver

One simple resolution can jump start all the ones mentioned in the article. Join a local car club AND
attend events,meetings,drives etc..If already a member resolve more participation. That's mine for 2021