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Hagerty Employee

5 key tips for teaching the art of manual shifting

Learning to drive a manual transmission was once a pivotal rite of passage for American youth. Working the clutch and gear lever was a hurdle not only to a driver's license, but also something far more meaningful-independence. Dads, moms, aunts and uncles, even grandparents and friends took ownership over the responsibility to pass down down [...]
New Driver

I always taught stick-shifting on country gravel roads. Impossible to destroy the clutch and the worst that happens is the wheels slide a bit. Makes the trainee more relaxed and the car owner too! Had lots of success with this method.
Most of the people I taught were women. I knew guys that would take girls out, park in the country, and pull the old "Put out or get out!" line because they were sure a girl couldn't drive a stick, even in the 1970s. And that pissed me off.
One successful student later ran into this situation. She got the guy out of the truck with a blanket and the complaint the bench seat was too small, and when he pulled his pants down, she hopped in the truck and drove home.