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Hagerty Employee

5 hot hatches you can find for under $10,000

For the enthusiast on a budget, a hot hatch checks a lot of important boxes. It’s fun, but it’s also practical. Distinctive if you're in the know, and often affordable. It likes to be driven hard but doesn't gulp gas. Fortunately, these qualities are reflected in classic hot hatches just as they are in new ones.


Here in America we’ve often missed out on some of the best hot hatches from Europe and Japan, but if you’re looking for a vintage ride that you could take to an autocross then pack full of luggage for a weekend getaway, there are plenty of viable choices. We narrowed it down to three (well, technically five) hot hatches that can still be found in Good (#3) condition for four-figure prices.


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Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

Seems like it wasn't that long ago that all of these cars could be had for 1/2 (or less) than their current going prices. (sigh)


You guys missed an obvious additional “hot hatch“ - the Volvo C30  !  From 2008 - 2013.

Carol Jensen Garcia


I would have thought that the Toyota Celica could make this list, quite baffling actually. 

Intermediate Driver

I guess I'm just getting or I am "Too Old" for some of these articles.  These "Picks" look like cars that I'd buy for my grandkids as a daily driver, newer style vehicle; they don't have any "Classic" appeal to me....but again, this coming from an "Old Classic (emphasis on Classic) Car Guy"

Pit Crew

My 1st new car was a 1987 Honda CRX Si. That car was such a blast. I would love to have another CRX Si today (of any year model). It would make for a wonderful addition to the 2005 S2000 that I enjoy today. (Always a Honda fan!) 

New Driver



I was disappointed, no Ford EXP (or Mercury LN7) and no Shelby Charger/Omni!

New Driver

I usually don't think of hot hatches as "classics", but they sure are fun!

Here's one that most people will groan at: Chrysler PT Cruiser. 51/49 weight distribution, watts linkage rear suspension, 600 hp on stock internals. We've had two, with one setup for road course racing and the other a loaded platinum edition with every option. So comfortable we take it on long trips, but does 13.5 @ 104mph on street tires.


First car was a Volkswagen Rabbit back in 1984, I am yet to own a less dependable vehicle.