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5 hot convertibles up for grabs at Barrett-Jackson's July online sale

Summer is officially here, and there's no better way to enjoy the weather while social distancing is to get out and drive. Of course, a convertible is the obvious choice for the perfect summer cruiser. If your garage is lacking that perfect driver for those warm summer days, Barrett-Jackson has you covered.


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Vipers are unbelievably crude machines.  Early models backfired when driven at less than 35mph, and later models were only slightly better.  Fit and finish was non-existent, creature comfort was lacking and they were dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced driver.  They were brutally fast, but only got 10-11mpg.  Most people were better off in a Corvette.  British cars were another story: poor build quality and high maintenance, some of which persists to this day.  I love the looks of E-Types and Bentley Continental GTs, but owning one is an exercise in frustration -- not to mention a constant drain on your wallet.

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