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Hagerty Employee

5 collector motorcycles under $2500 you can daily ride

Motorcycles represent one of the rare collector vehicle markets in which a daily driver (or rider in this case) can check those three magic boxes: affordable, reliable, and cool. We look at five collector motorcycles you can grab now with an average #3 (Good condition) value of $2500 or less. Odds are they won’t be this cheap forever.


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The 1986-1987 Honda CMX450 Rebel should have been on this list!

Pit Crew

Always liked the FZR600's of this era. Commonly available under this price range, but hard to find with fairing intact.


The big NX would be a great deal. If you could ever find one. A spectacular motor with torque a tractor would envy.


You should consider the 1980 to 1985 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim, especially the one year only 1981 Midnight Maxim. These were great looking reliable cruisers; 4 cylinder, DOHC 653cc, shaft drive. 

Pit Crew

Of that bunch, I'd prefer the Suzuki.

Intermediate Driver

‘Why pay $10,000 for a CBX six when you can buy a 2500 buck Suzuki?’ What a question ... 


Lest we forget the more desirable vintage bikes of the 1970's that can still be had in the price range you stated and even in decent condition. I've got the following, all for way less than the $2,500. 1975 GL1000 ($800 in operational condition), 1975 CB550F (Actually traded a Carnival Rifle valued at around $400 for that one in amazing condition), a 1973 CB350F in near factory original condition that sat for 14 years and needed a LOT to get running (cost there was $1,200 for the bike and about 16 hours of work on the engine out freshen up....side note, it's an 11,000 mile original down to the minty 4 into 4 factory exhaust with mirror finish chrome and paint). Then we move on to to the 1986 GL1200 (cost $1,000 in operational condition) and we round it out with the 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic with just 5,500 miles. (Cost incredible $1,000 and all it needed was tires, rear brake pads and to clean the carburetors). So...Don't limit your sights on just these 5 folks! There's Tons More worthy bikes if you're handy with a wrench and a savoy negotiator. Zip~

Intermediate Driver

Hagerty, this is good. Show us some more bikes to pick from. 👍


How about the Kawasaki VN 750?   It had a 20 plus year production run.

Great 750 cruiser with liquid cooling & shaft drive 😀

New Driver

If I could find another Yamaha Vision I would love to have one. Mine was a great little bike, I only sold it due to financial difficulties.