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5 collector motorcycles under $2500 you can daily ride

Motorcycles represent one of the rare collector vehicle markets in which a daily driver (or rider in this case) can check those three magic boxes: affordable, reliable, and cool. We look at five collector motorcycles you can grab now with an average #3 (Good condition) value of $2500 or less. Odds are they won’t be this cheap forever.


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I can imagine I’ll piss off some people here, but other than a few notables, their collector status is temporary. It’s a fad and the result of people following blindly. In some cases, their value will be overestimated and folks will spend way too much money on something that will be worthless once the fad is done. Most Japanese motorcycles were made in abundance, and there are always many more of them out there, much like the Japanese import cars that followed. There are very few noteworthy Japanese collectibles cars, and it will always be that way. They were always around as cheap transportation that got thrown away when used up.
What am I missing? Please prove me wrong. I sincerely want to know what I’m not seeing. 

Pit Crew