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5 collector motorcycles under $2500 you can daily ride

Motorcycles represent one of the rare collector vehicle markets in which a daily driver (or rider in this case) can check those three magic boxes: affordable, reliable, and cool. We look at five collector motorcycles you can grab now with an average #3 (Good condition) value of $2500 or less. Odds are they won’t be this cheap forever.


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Your first list where I agree with EVERYTHING.  That GS850 was a very popular long-haul tourer back in the late 70's/early 80's (a Canadian buddy of mine had one back when I was riding a '79 Triumph Bonneville), and those early UJM Sukuki's are about as unbreakable as you can get in a four cylinder Japanese motorcycle.  One warning if you get one: Back then Suzuki was speccing it's bikes like IBM PC-clone manufacturers were speccing their computers.  Every year there would be some minor changes as Suzuki found (I assume) a cheaper supplier for some certain parts.  Twenty years ago, when I worked at Ducati Richmond, we learned that if we had to hit the Suzuki dealership for parts on a repair job, we needed the full VIN to ensure we got the right parts.  We're talking part changes midway thru the model year at times.


CBR600 F2's and F3's are incredibly good bikes.  We still see a couple come thru the Honda/Yamaha/Can-Am shop that I recently retired from.  If you find one with the Smokin' Joe livery at anything like $2500, GRAB IT!  They definitely go for more money than that.


GPZ550's: Incredible bikes for the money.  A late riding partner of mine lost his keeping up  with a pair of Ducati 916's around the course at the Isle of Man during Mad Sunday.  Yes, he was holding with them all the way until he high sided.


FJ1100.  One of the first really good sport tourers.

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