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Hagerty Employee

5 collector motorcycles under $2500 you can daily ride

Motorcycles represent one of the rare collector vehicle markets in which a daily driver (or rider in this case) can check those three magic boxes: affordable, reliable, and cool. We look at five collector motorcycles you can grab now with an average #3 (Good condition) value of $2500 or less. Odds are they won’t be this cheap forever.


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Pit Crew

I had a Suzuki GS850G, rode it everywhere, put over 100K miles on it before a drunk guy turned into my path one night. Boy, do I miss that bike! It was smooth as silk to ride. I have even had dreams about it. If I ever got a bike again, it would be one of those. I am surprised to see it on this list, however. I would not have thought Hagerty would talk about something that many consider to be kind of a mundane bike.

I love old stuff

Pit Crew

Out of curiosity, what motorcycles that fit the criteria would you recommend from those countries respectively? Thanks!
Pit Crew

That’s a good point regarding the images used. However, rest assured that confusion over unrealistic pricing isn’t restricted to buyers only. Fortunately at the end of the day, any given machine for sale is only worth that amount where what the buyer is willing to pay overlaps with what the seller is willing to let it go for. Should such an overlap not occur, then the value is no longer measured in dollars so much as it is desire. Only to be readjusted at a point in time further down the road.

New Driver

I've still have my 1977 Suzuki GS750B, which I bought new. I haven't ridden it since 1995 when the CA-DMV lost the insurance certificate so I never received my tags. Anyway, it was about time that I put it away for awhile. There wasn't a week which had gone by that I didn't break 100 mph. 

A little history about the model. Although there wasn't an actual "A" model, the early editions had different carbs and possibly cams, so they couldn't keep up with me. My bike was about equal to the Kawasaki KZ-1000. In 1978, the new GS750 was noticeably slower and even the GS850 was slower than my bike. Probably with the introduction of the GS1100, it had to be the fastest bike at the time and they didn't want to show it up by a lesser bike.