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Hagerty Employee

5 collectible fourth-gen Camaros for the F-body fanatic | Hagerty Media

With their sleek, aerodynamic styling, road-hugging chassis, and solid powertrains, fourth-gen Camaros were popular cars among enthusiasts seeking fun on the autocross, road course, or drag strip. These are cars that were well-liked and well-received when new and offered a potent V-8 powerplant-especially the 1998-2002 models equipped with the LS1.

Sigh....What nice looking Cars. Ohhh to move on from the Retro thing someday.

Indeed - 4th-gen Camaro, C4 Corvette, etc. - like darts, compared to today's Camaro, Mustang, etc. Only the C8 Corvette is low and sleek, among American cars.
Advanced Driver

I think the way the rear spoiler is integrated into the deck lid on the 4th gen Camaro is completely brilliant.
Advanced Driver

I'm surprised by how much I like most of these. I've never been a fan of them before. The SS Intimidator and the ZL1 are winning me over.

Those are my favorite of this bunch also. The later years were the best looking for this generation.
Intermediate Driver

Mmmmmmmmmm! Catfish!

I am a full on Camaro fanatic with one of each generation. My 4th gen is the 2002 35th anniversary conv. Just off this list, but a really nice car that is some what rare, especially if it has some SLP parts (center exhaust etc). 3rd and 4th gens are great driving car, they just sit a bit low so not easy to get in and out. Maybe that's part of the charm and low slung good looks the Mustang is missing. I bought it new as a GM PEP car for my wife and she has enjoyed it ever since... although it only has about 12,000 miles on the car.
Intermediate Driver

These cars have aged well and I enjoy occasionally seeing one on the road. Personally, I'd steer clear of the two ultra-low mileage offers. You cannot drive such a car more than a few miles ever without destroying value, and I would not entertain a vintage car but to drive, smile and enjoy.
New Driver

I fell in love with these cars when they first came out. Then bought a 1997 30th Anniversary with the LT1. I was kicking myself for years because the next year, they came out with the LS. Oh well. Anyway technology caught up and the after market manufactures were making everything for this car. I found this company Torqhead ( and decided to put one on my car.- Now the tuning is endless with a 2002 ECU and the car runs great. I decided to keep the car and there are other upgrades I did but to much to mention. I will put another engine in this beast someday. I am having the time of my life.
New Driver

I've owned four 4th-gen Camaros and they were all great cars. Ridiculously fast, even in stock form, they really shined when even the lightest mods were added. The/best one I had was a very clean 2002 Z28 with the Y3F package. I eventually yanked the LS1 for a LQ4 block/LS3 top end combo that put nearly 500 to the wheels with a moderate camshaft and all run through a T56 transmission. I've probably had 60+ cars in my 35 years of driver's license possession, but this one was the most fun and by far the quickest. To this day, I regret selling it, but I've since indulged my 3rd-gen F-body fetish, with an '88 IROC-Z and an '87 Trans Am GTA.
Pit Crew

Back when Chevrolet ended production of the Camaro at the end of the 2002 model year I wanted to get what I thought would be the last Camaro built. I ordered a 2002 SS in Navy Blue Metallic with the special intake and exhaust by SLP that raised the horsepower to 345. I still have that Camaro with around 31,500 miles, and I still love it.

I like that Intimidator. Not sure why anyone would put a cowl hood on a 4th gen. The SS hood looks so awesome by itself. The cowl hood is done to death!!!!!!
New Driver

Just read this article. Nice rides for sure, BUT too valuable to drive.
They are dust collectors. Give me my 2000 Z28/SS with it's SLP "COLD AIR INTAKE & SLP "LOUDMOUTH 1 EXHAUST. Mine so equiped has 67,000 on the odometer and I drive it every chance I get.
New Driver

1999 SS/SLP with 15,500mi checking in.

T-tops, T56 6-speed, skip shift eliminator and all the smiles per gallon. I love my 4th gen SS 😎
Intermediate Driver

I also have a 99 SS/SLP  6 Speed Convertible. Bought it about 10 years ago with about 20000 miles on it. Always been kept inside and never Winter driven. I added long tube Hooker headers, K&N air filter, tubular strut brace, rear control arms and Panhard rod. Then some subframe connectors, a custom sound system, oxygen sensor and skip shift eliminators and a custom tune. I have to say that it is one of the most fantastic cars I have ever owned.

New Driver

I have a 94 Z28 with t-tops in victory red. Super sharp looking car, great handling, and 300 hp (surprise, GM lied about the HP rating to placate the corvette owners!) and a 99 V6 Camaro with Ttops in arctic white that i've owned for a decade now. Both are super reliable super fun cars.

I highly recommend them.
New Driver

If you want a Z28 with t-tops and the most aerodynamic body style GM ever put on an F body, the 4th gen is your huckleberry.