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5 classic nameplates that deserve an electric comeback | Hagerty Media

As much as we'd love for our favorite classics to be revived as pure internal combustion vehicles, the industry is at present clearly embracing EVs. Our wishes were at least partially granted with the return of the Ford Lightning as an all-electric truck, so we've naturally been thinking about which of our favorite vintage vehicles deserve a similar resurrection.
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Advanced Driver

The "Mustang Mach-E" was a stupid idea. Why degrade the Mustang moniker?
Well, obviously using "Mustang" on an electric mid size SUV DIDN'T really have much affect on the "Mustang" name, quite the opposite. I still think it was stupid. Reviving "Galaxie" would have been a better idea, but who remember a Galaxy? No one born in the last 30 years. I'd rather have seen "Taurus" on it -- that would have made more sense! Any real Ford enthusiast will disdain "Mustang" being used on anything else, but these "new guys" don't have the same regard for the name as us old fellows do. Anything but a two door sport sedan/coupe just isn't really a Mustang... I don't care how well it sells!

As for the others, well, the name "Electra" does lend itself to an EV, and it's been out of use for a long time. No new buyers would remember the big Buicks, they would think it a clever name for an EV.

None of the others make any realistic sense. "Charger" doesn't conjure up visions of electricity, never mind that you "charge" an electric car. It's still in use in a well known sports sedan, so leave it alone! While there were EV versions of both the Corvair and Gremlin, that's the only thing they have in common with an EV of today. Nothing about the names bring about any "electric" thoughts.

I'm an AMC fan, and there have been some "dreamer" fans that would like to see the return of AMC. But really, AMC has been dead for a long time now. There's nothing to bring back except some names, and would have nothing to do with any old AMC designs. AMC cars were dated at the last, unless you count the AMC/Renault Premier. you could drop an AMC name (both make and models, like Gremlin) on any new car and it still wouldn't have anything in common with AMC of old. A new compan y with that name would still be a new company, no shared history.

forgive me, but dropping a battery in what all but one of these (the Dodge) cases is a poor design from the ground up certainly does not qualify it for resurrection;
Intermediate Driver

I'm not sure why the entire industry wants to go entirely EV. Jaguar announced it will be all EV, so much for the great american road trip, instead drive 300 miles and spend the night. Maybe, just maybe, welcome back to Route 66 and all the Radiator Springs like towns along the way, nah, been there done that.
Advanced Driver

I really like the design of those Buicks! Has an Aston Martin/ Camaro vibe going.

Electra seems like the only name that could work. The others have too much history or don't fit to me.
New Driver

How about the Avanti. It even has a EV front end already with no grill, etc. That design goes back to '63.

I'd like to see a reincarnated Corvair, and I've always been a Thunderbird man (most models) and the Avista is an interesting idea as well. Gremlins because, well, it's a Gremlin, great City car. I've always thought the current Chargers aren't very attractive but the Dodge Brand is not notorious for aesthetics. The Charger shown here is much better.