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5 classic automotive comics that you can read for free

You say you’ve watched more automotive movies and videos than you can count? Read more books than a librarian? Built so many Lego cars that your house is beginning to look like a miniature dealership? When it comes to entertaining ways to pass the time while obediently observing the stay-at-home rules, how ’bout some car-related comic books that you download to your computer and read for free? Read the full article on

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Various mainstream comic heroes got hot rods at some point (usually 50s to 70s) such as Spiderman's dunebuggy. Ghost Rider is probably one of longest running comics to have a hero bike and now Dodge Charger as a core part of the hero/villain gig rather than just a gimmick to sell a toy.


Team America was a dirt bike? ish  Marvel Comic not to be confused with the much later puppet movie. I have seen scrapyard covers on Batman comics, Wreck 'em Derby comics and all sorts oddballs.


Akira isn't near the impact without the bike...


CarToons magazine has existed in several incarnations.


George Trosley (Krass & Bernie) is one of my favourite automotive cartoonists.