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Hagerty Employee

5 cars that won't make it to 2021 | Hagerty Media

All good things must come to an end. As 2020 draws to a close and a host of production lines come to a halt for good, here are five memorable machines that we sadly won't see in the new year. After six years on sale, the BMW i8 still manages to look like a car from the future.
Pit Crew

A more accurate title:
5 Cars the Average Hagerty Customer Doesn't Give a Rip About

A more enjoyable article might go something like, "Evolution of the Muscle Car: A Look at Cars in Their First and Last Year of Production."

Here's how far away from that world I am: the only model I'd ever heard of is the Rapide and I couldn't've guessed the brand.

wow, What a bunch of naysayers...So what? I can't afford an F car and I still want to know what's going on with technology...and inversely so, cars that can't justify the economics are a telling look at car companies...last time I checked the Hagerty bunch are car people. (but maybe not?)

Just because none of you have never driven in a 6000lb car that is more sumptuous than Winston Churchill's office and can do speeds a few years back were records at Bonneville, a bloody technological tour de force, doesn't mean I don't meant to hear about them.

Cars that failed are as interesting to me as cars that are a success.

Anyone curious?

+1 and -1 are the same absolute value. And there is a story to be learned from in each case.

Get out of your small minds and see the forrest through the trees.

Pit Crew

The only one that had any interest or relevance for me was the Morgan. The Bentley was out of my reach, but not something I’d consider if it was. The BMW looks like a Transformer that never went into production.
Intermediate Driver

I can imagine that i8 without the weighty battery and motor, a light sporty ride with 200+ hp - fun transportation. What might have been, huh.
Advanced Driver

Found it amusing that the writer questions Ferrari dropping the Lusso to build an SUV, but previously said the coming Aston SUV would do a better job than the Rapide?! They say everyone wants SUV/CUV these days, but that’s actually not necessarily true....the manufacturers/advertisers job is to make you believe you really want/need a product, and since they can sell an SUV/CUV for more $$$, of course they want everyone to buy them....this has been going on for decades....remember when trucks were cheaper than sedans, and only farmers or construction workers drove them??? Nowadays they are considered status symbols, and people pay big $$$$ for them....thank advertising. It always amazes me how many people WILL NOT buy a hatchback or wagon, but can’t hand over their cash fast enough to buy an CUV or SUV (just tall versions of....YEP...HATCHBACKS AND WAGONS). God I was born in the wrong generation!
Intermediate Driver

Hullo Geok86,
It is somewhat refreshing for me to read that there is at least one other person that has similar views to those that I hold. I have never been swayed by the shallow, marketing folks employed by the vehicle manufacturers, and see the SUV/ Pickup truck sales success as a case of the masses having been "taken-for-a-ride". No matter how you dress up a pickup, ultimately you still have a case of "lipstick-on-a-pig". Apart from using a pickup for the occasional haulage job, I have never thought of myself as wanting to be a truck-driver. The explosion of the SUV market suits the manufacturers fine, as they seem to be able to con their market followers into paying for "safety features" that may not be needed to control a vehicle which is little more than a station wagon with a dodgy, higher c of g. As an owner of a very satisfactory BMW 330 wagon (something that was not marketed here in Canada), I look on the modern SUV masses as sadly un-discerning buyers, and feel sorry for them and their lack of knowledge and their poor judgement.
Intermediate Driver

With the BMW as the exception, (who wants to buy a car with artificial sound?), I would enjoy owning any or all of them in this article. Although sad to see them discontinued, it really comes as no surprise, as surely they are limited market vehicles, and when the customer base is saturated, no, or slow sales, must mean program cancellation. The one vehicle that will not be discontinued is the Morgan, which, although starting in life back in 1950, has simply evolved, and has been developed through a number of incarnations readily accepted by its followers. The appeal of the car has always been its minimalist simplicity, and fun to drive factor, which, hopefully will continue to feature in its latest guise. To address a slight omission in the article, Fiat was also a Plus 4 engine supplier for a brief period.

I read a magazine article while visiting family for Christmas that said Suzuki is killing the Jimny after less than two years on the market, because it can't be made to comply with tightening EU emissions laws. It was surrounded by the usual collection of interchangeable articles celebrating 500+ horsepower eurotrash cars for people with six figures to spend. None of them would return the 27-30 combined miles per gallon of the affordable Suzuki. Bureaucrats need to feel accountable before we lose our civilization the way we lost the rule of law.
Intermediate Driver

While driving the Santa Monica mountain canyon roads, I came across two BMW i8's at a roadside vista. After admiring and letting me sit in these two cars, the owners asked if they could follow me to a location about 10 canyon miles away. They assumed they would leave me in the dust if I were to follow them. My 2002 BMW m roadster surprised the hell out of them. The i8's being wider and with relatively skinny tires were no match in the canyons. When we met up on Pacific Coast Highway, they were able to wring out their rides. They moved pretty well but, only a fraction faster than me in drag race acceleration. These cars look great but, leave a lot to be desired.

The Ferrari shoting brake is interesting. Just like the BMW m coupe ironically called the "Clown Shoe" it is either dearly loved or flat out hated. Once again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Intermediate Driver

I was once a falconer, which requires some form of a hatched vehicle to transport the little hunters to their food gathering locations. In a perfect world where I could actually afford to do it, I would buy a FF, or the Lusso to chauffeur the raptors around in style.


can’t say any of them will be missed;