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Hagerty Employee

5 automotive April Fools' headlines we wish were true | Hagerty Media

Each year, gearhead writers at media sites all around the world cook up fake future automotive products for April Fools' to rile up their readers with either ridiculously good or shockingly bad news. You know the type: That erstwhile automatic-only enthusiast model will finally come with a manual, or vice versa.
New Driver

A C-8 version Cadillac XLR-V with sick HP!
Advanced Driver

That Audi is great looking. Imagine if honda or toyota made it with an aluminum v-8 and 6 speed stick, as a 2+2 with reasonable price tag.
Pit Crew

Must be a slow news day. What a bunch of drivel.
Hagerty Employee

What exactly did you think you were gonna get when you saw the headline?
Intermediate Driver

2022 Pontiac Firebird and GTO with a retro look ( take note how well the retro look Mustang turned out ) to compete with the Hellcats.. ......... 680 HP G8 ?...... to end and dominate the current "cookie cutter" sedan look........ What`s the matter GM, can`t figure it out ?
Pit Crew

GM did it with the Camaro, so I don't understand why they can't with other Chevys. Think of how great it would be to have a Retro GTO, or a Retro Buick GSX. I have seen a guy make a Camaro into a Trans Am, up here in NY, complete with the bird on the hood. And, we all scratch our heads and wonder "what if ?". I get that they are all extinct divisions, but, man, that would be great !!!!

Intermediate Driver

Every day is April fools day where I live. Fool’s everywhere I look🥴
Intermediate Driver

How about: Ford does an about face and removes mustang name from the mach e
New Driver

One of the best "April Fools" car magazine spoofs was the Road & Track improvisation of the new Jaguar XKE derivative of its in-line DOHC six equipped with an in-line DOHC straight 12-cylinder engine. The article was complete with realistic air-brushed renderings of the car with an exceptionally-long nose in the side view. I believe the piece appeared in an early 60's issue.

Toyota brings back the Supra. Oh wait - they did that, didn't they? Sort of...
Pit Crew

Ford rekindles the Pinto.
Intermediate Driver

I'm wishing for a Hellcat powered Grand Caravan.

Don't know about "headline", but the best car-related April Fool's Day statement I ever read was, "Hey Dad, all of us kids got together and bought you that Daytona Coupe you've always wanted."  🤣

Intermediate Driver

I say, with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz imminent, I think it would be cool if RAM went and updated the 2006 Dodge Rampage Concept as a competitor. It would neatly slide into the new niche, and with all of their trucks now under the RAM brand, they could do a wordplay and name it the RAM-Page.
Advanced Driver

Headline: "Major car manufacturers agree: electric cars simply won't work, recommitting to internal combusion. In a related story, Tesla to offer kit to convert their cars to steam power."
Pit Crew

How about Volkswagen brings back the Karman Ghia in it's original form
Advanced Driver

A Baja that could haul a motorcycle (not a Grom) would tickle my fancy. Wrangler Rubicon Hellcat, hmmm, gives Launch Mode a new meaning.