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Hagerty Employee

5 answers to "What if Rudolph was a car?" | Hagerty Media

As one of Hagerty's resident orphan car lovers, I naturally found myself thinking a lot about unloved cars the other day and the thought crossed my mind as to how the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has some odd parallels in the car world.
Hagerty Employee

I could see the Corvair cast as Rudolph. It's an oddball character that got labeled unfairly because it was misunderstood, but its legacy has endured and history has ultimately smiled on it.

The Tucker was the car I immediately thought of because of its cyclops headlight.
New Driver

How about the Pontiac's that had the chief Pontiac hood ornaments that lit up?

In the spirit of Christmas, I'm going to hold my fire on this article.
Intermediate Driver

The early 50's Studebakers could qualify too, that beak just needs a red glow!!
Pit Crew

1960 Corvair four door sedan with a post.
Intermediate Driver

I thought of a 49-50 Ford Woody Wagon with that centered bullet protruding from the grille. If only it lit up red!
Intermediate Driver

That Hudson was one great car but it was hard to use a whisk broom on the floorboard.
Intermediate Driver

I don't know if this was intended, but the center headlight on the Tatra and the Tucker, and the red badge on the Hudson's grill are each an interesting analog of Rudolph's famous nose!

The DeLorean (though in custom red, of course). No other car was as roundly mocked when it first came out, full of shortcomings and missed promises. Even its creator was ridiculed and humiliated (but thats another story). But look at it now - it certainly did go down in history!
New Driver

When I was growing up, Robert L. May was our neighbor in Skokie, IL. I went to school with his son and remember riding in this coral colored 56 Lincoln sedan. Both my sister and I have autographed Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer book as well as the sequel book that he wrote. I would vote for a coral colored 56 Lincoln Sedan for the theme of Rudolph being a car.