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Hagerty Employee

5 American machines that broke our price guide this month | Hagerty Media

Auction season 2021 is here, and already we've witnessed some eyebrow-raising results. Despite the pandemic, Mecum Auctions managed to pull off its most successful Kissimmee, Florida, sale to date, evidence of a voracious appetite for collector cars. As we know, where there is pent-up demand there is sure to be action, and January brought us several astonishing sales.
Intermediate Driver

I love those Magnums. I was at Brampton around 2006 working on a 3.5L ignition related issue when one of the guys doing end of line repairs asked me if I wanted to go for a quick test run in an identical car to this. He said he just fixed the radio, so we better make sure it's ok. He started with a smoky burnout, then ran me around their little test track which he knew like the back of his hand. It was quite an experience that I will never forget. These cars handle.
New Driver

Oddly enough, even with a Monte Carlo breaking an absurd 100K, I'm still in the weeds here with the Chevy PU at 88K. Don't get me wrong here. I can appreciate a nicely restored truck and the 40k mark is probably right for this one, but 88k? The wagon I can see the price. Most wagons from this era are pieces of art and to see them in person, incredible. Can you imagine trying to restore one? Can't buy from any catalog for parts there. You could actually use it too. The 2100-mile Magnum is a bit of a surprise, but in the cross-over world (don't ever say wagon), it kinda rocks and not far from a new Hemi ride in price. The Vette, well it's a Vette with 30miles and full of fun stuff. Not surprising.
New Driver

I was cool before it was cool to like the 67-72 Chevrolet trucks and Blazers. I’ve owned over ten in the past 30 years. I could buy them for $2000. The same condition truck is now $18k. I bought back the Blazer I sold in 1997 for $7500 (I restored 1989-1995 in nearly show condition) for $41,000 a few months ago.