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5 aftermarket V-8 valve covers to spruce up that engine bay

When it comes to engines, I appreciate factory performance options that deliver outstanding power straight from the factory. However, that’s just a jumping-off point for hot-rodders and tuners, so I really love aftermarket speed parts. Valve covers themselves have a simple job: keep the oil inside and debris outside. Aside from providing more room for larger rockers or a stud girdle, they are almost totally cosmetic. Why not pick some that lend the right tone to your engine bay? Here are five of my favorite styles of aftermarket valve covers for domestic V-8 engines.


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The Larsen Engineering two-piece rocker covers were eye candy for small block Chevy's. And the Rodeck 481 set for a big block told everyone that you were serious! Now, the cool thing is the fabricated type with "stack of dimes" weld beads.

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