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Hagerty Employee

470-hp Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is officially for real

When we had a chance to drive the burly Wrangler 392, Jeep told us that it was waiting to see the customer response to the concept before green-lighting such an endeavor for production. Whether or not this was merely a coy rejoinder to our hopeful question, customer feedback must have been pretty definitive—the real deal Wrangler Rubicon 392 will hit dealerships this spring.


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Intermediate Driver

Take a vehicle that's essentially unstable, add a huge engine and let an untrained populace buy it. What could go wrong?


I had a 2006 Rubicon. It was probably the worst handling vehicle I have ever driven. Great attention grabber but that's about it. Just driving it on wet roads was extremely challenging. The suspension is too stiff. The tires have way too much tread and the geometry spells spin and roll. 


I'll pass.

Pit Crew

I can't wait! As a long time Jeep fan, my first was a 1981 CJ with a 304 V8 bellowing out of side pipes, I cannot wait for another factory built V8 Jeep to hit the streets.     


Sounds like  dangerous toy...I Love It!!!


Hopefully the insurance industry will make people who buy this one of the highest charged policy holders.

Pit Crew

I had a 2010 Jeep Rubicon, drove that Jeep for 4 years and it always felt underpowered with the V-6. I will be waiting for this 392 with bated breathe as I want another Jeep Rubicon and the Hemi makes it worth having. More Power!!!


I love my 2020 Ecodiesel Rubicon too much to let it go for the 392. May add it to the fleet though!

Pit Crew

That's wonderful...the biggest problem is it's a Fiat they never will fix the transmission, electrical and fit/finish issues.  When you own a Jeep you better have deep pockets because it will drain you dry.

New Driver

Dumb or Dumber? You decide.
470 squared in a vehicle that can't do a hundred and only goes in a straight line.
One of the best ideas never to get past the 1960's.

As a one-of mod...sure. As a production vehicle...good luck with that.

New Driver

Putting essentially a drag race engine into an off-road vehicle with a paddle shifter is a recipe for many rollovers and stuck Jeeps. Torque is good off-road, but high horsepower is not. Good for burn-outs though.