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Hagerty Employee

470-hp Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is officially for real

When we had a chance to drive the burly Wrangler 392, Jeep told us that it was waiting to see the customer response to the concept before green-lighting such an endeavor for production. Whether or not this was merely a coy rejoinder to our hopeful question, customer feedback must have been pretty definitive—the real deal Wrangler Rubicon 392 will hit dealerships this spring.


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Take a vehicle that's essentially unstable, add a huge engine and let an untrained populace buy it. What could go wrong?


I had a 2006 Rubicon. It was probably the worst handling vehicle I have ever driven. Great attention grabber but that's about it. Just driving it on wet roads was extremely challenging. The suspension is too stiff. The tires have way too much tread and the geometry spells spin and roll. 


I'll pass.

Pit Crew

I can't wait! As a long time Jeep fan, my first was a 1981 CJ with a 304 V8 bellowing out of side pipes, I cannot wait for another factory built V8 Jeep to hit the streets.     


Hopefully the insurance industry will make people who buy this one of the highest charged policy holders.

New Driver

Sounds like  dangerous toy...I Love It!!!

Pit Crew

I had a 2010 Jeep Rubicon, drove that Jeep for 4 years and it always felt underpowered with the V-6. I will be waiting for this 392 with bated breathe as I want another Jeep Rubicon and the Hemi makes it worth having. More Power!!!

Pit Crew

I love my 2020 Ecodiesel Rubicon too much to let it go for the 392. May add it to the fleet though!

Intermediate Driver

That's wonderful...the biggest problem is it's a Fiat they never will fix the transmission, electrical and fit/finish issues.  When you own a Jeep you better have deep pockets because it will drain you dry.

Pit Crew

Dumb or Dumber? You decide.
470 squared in a vehicle that can't do a hundred and only goes in a straight line.
One of the best ideas never to get past the 1960's.

As a one-of mod...sure. As a production vehicle...good luck with that.

Pit Crew

Putting essentially a drag race engine into an off-road vehicle with a paddle shifter is a recipe for many rollovers and stuck Jeeps. Torque is good off-road, but high horsepower is not. Good for burn-outs though.

Pit Crew

Now, wait a second. The 392 Jeep has a top speed of 99mph and can run a quarter-mile in 13 seconds?  So, what’s the point, Fiat? Bragging rights? +$70k for this bull**bleep**? Not me!

Community Manager

Pretty much just for bragging rights! 


Wow, those are scorching 0-60 and quarter mile times for a brick on wheels. This version of the Jeep is welcome news to Jeep fans who want it (and can afford it) and also to Bronco fans that want Ford to put as much power as possible in its upcoming Bronco "Raptor" (Warthog maybe?). Competition makes for better products all around, though Ford fans while have to wait a while for the Bronco answer to this version.


I'm opting for the on-road manners of a Bronco over the Jeep and I think the 310 hp and 410 lb. ft. of the V6 will be more than enough for my needs.  


The jeep modders will have these uncorked and ungodly loud in no time.  And dragging tail with accessories and bolt ons, ready to blind oncoming traffic with eye searing aftermarket headlight bulbs.  Ouch I sound grumpy!!!

Intermediate Driver

I would rather have the Wrangler with the new diesel, but until they offer it in the 2-door model, it’s a no go for me.

I never have more than one other person in my 2015 Wrangler and have no need for the back seat and much longer wheelbase to get hung up on obstacles when crawling.  Leave the 4-door version for the mall-crawler set.


My grand cherokee 392 SRT is a beast...much better overall than this wrangler...


They should build one with a 5.7 and a 6-speed manual that rides on car the car tires they use on Sports, Islanders, Anniversaries, Freedoms, Altitudes, and Saharas for people who just want a Wrangler that is fun to drive and effortless when towing on the highway. That way I wouldn't bounce off the governor when passing on the interstate or spend every second of every day wondering why I bought an automatic in a vehicle that is supposed to be fun.

Intermediate Driver

The blue Rubicon pictures appears to be running on four mini-spare tires. 


You CAN have too much power... especially in a vehicle like this. There are plenty of rock crawler drivers who will disagree, but they are NOT your average driver. This is something someone is going to be driving on the street and will likely never leave the road -- most of them anyway, not for a while. Power does sell, especially when you stick the "Hemi" name on it, but the 360 hp Durango/Grand Cherokee/Commander 5.7L Eagle version (or 395 hp Ram 1500 version) would make a lot more sense than the "big boy".  That's still a lot more power than the 295 hp 3.6L V-6 -- up 100 hp if using the Ram 1500 version.


as for F360Spider's comment about the "worst handling" and stiff ride... well, it's not made to go fast or handle well on the road. Take a sports car down a rough dirt road, not to mention a rough trail, and it won't handle worth a darn and will ride harder... until it high centers and gets stuck. It's comparing apples to pineapples -- two totally different things. It's not "unstable" unless you're taking it to the local autocross course in stock (or rock crawler) form.  Too many people drive it like a car, and even call it a car, but it's 100%  SUV -- and I don't mean in the overgrown station wagon sense that the term "SUV" conjures up today...


This reminds me of the 60's when motorheads would mate a Chevy V8 with a VW.  Sure it was an eye grabber BUT, it was only of value when at the drag strip.  Going around curves would result in out of control spins and crashes not to mention insurance companies saying, "You have a what? (and you expect us to insure that?"

Advanced Driver

It's bad ideas like this makes Tesla look so welcome and wonderful and so long overdue.


As a big Mopar fan, I love a 392 in anything, and I'm amazed at the massive response to this article....Incredible and wonderful. I'm not off-road and sticking with my 1969 440 Six-Pack Super Bee. 


its been awhile since the jeep left the factory with a V8


The latest example of "too much is not enough!"


I, like perhaps many past and present Wrangler owners, have felt it high time something of substance be used for a wrangler powerplant. The venerable 6 cylinder just continues to wane, as more weight and mass is added in every new model year. Therefore, I was actually quite excited to read of this change. I have had several Wranglers and if I were to buy another it would not be for practicality or commuting, for I learned that lesson years ago. They are best geared towards the enthusiast or outright Wrangler lover. They are not luxury vehicles, although as of late they keep piling on luxury items trying to broaden the appeal. I for one like that Jeep is taking this risk and at least giving us this offering. For $70K+ however I may opt for the Ram TRX with the Hellcrate motor. Maybe we will have that version to look forward to... but perhaps that will be reserved for the Gladiator! That one could surely benefit from a power upgrade too me thinks.


Why is it especially with a vehicle you can take the roof off is only available in a black interior...Hot Hot Hot,....What ever happened to the Jeep Golden Tan interior..Looks great on a jeep and much much cooler.  


The Sonoran desert sun will kill this transsexual vehicle. It will look good around town though.


🙂 🙂 🙂  Lot of haters below.  Hmmm...  Personally, I'm not a Mopar fan, never have been.  Nor am I an off road guy.  It's just not my jam.  That said; when I see this many people, being so negative, on a big horsepower machine, I smile and figure it's time to put that one on my list of good ideas!  More Power, like more Freedom, is a great idea!

Advanced Driver

No one that owns a jeep cares about fuel mileage,  but it needs to have an Olympic pool sized "fuel tank" because my jeep gets about 14mpg on its best days.  I'm thinking this monster powerplant is good for about 9 mpg.  Will be interesting to find out.  You could save money though by not driving it!  Just park it out front and sit beside it in a lawn chair with a big grin on your face.

Intermediate Driver

It is quite interesting what makers will do to sell vehicles. Take a close look at the sand spray to the rear of the bronze jeep (intro picture before you open the body of the article)

Airbrushed into it are subliminal images of grotesque skulls, heads etc. They are put there to influence you subliminally in a way that will make the car attractive.

What can you find in the other pictures? There is often basic text or imagery in areas of poor definition)

Intermediate Driver

This is one of those "to each their own."  I, myself, think that's too much HP for a Jeep.  I've owned 5 with the 5th currently a 20 Gladiator.  But I understand.  Does a gun collector need an AR-15, AK-47, M-16?  No.  But it's cool owning one.