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Hagerty Employee

40th annual GS Nationals unites far-flung Buick fanatics in "a big family reunion" | Hagerty Media

In the 1880s, people began gathering at a particular bend in western Kentucky's Barren River, in Bowling Green. It started with picnics amid the beech trees and rolling hills, and by 1898 Beech Bend Park was established. Pony rides arrived in the 1940s. Then came swimming, roller skating, and bowling.
Hagerty Employee

A 455 in a G-body sounds like a good time!
Intermediate Driver

A Buick 455 in anything is a good time.
Intermediate Driver

I've got a 455 stage 2 I'm thinking of rebuilding and dropping it into a wicked lowered 83 short box step side C10 Chevy,,,,

Let the good times roll then mister !!! That should be a rocket I'd think?
Intermediate Driver

It would outpull whatever was in it from the factory. 


I should have bought one of these 3 or 4 years ago, now they are just behind GTO money 😞
New Driver

It was a fantastic event. Great attendance, great weather, lots of vendors.
Intermediate Driver

As a local and a Buick guy, I am blessed to have this event in my backyard!

I have always loved the GSX's and the Grand National / GNX's. So many good looking cars here.
Pit Crew

Hey Eric Weiner, I guess you weren't even at the Nationals. You never even mention the Turbo Regals from the 1980s that are at least half of the entrants. Your vague reference to "G Body cars" doesn't do justice to the GNX, GN, T-TYPE, TURBO-T, Limited & basic Regals with the turbo package. You would have to be blind not to include them, but no pictures & no mention in your article. To complete the picture of the 2021 GS Nationals, I include the following link:

Oops, somebody let a gray one slip into the Saturn Yellow section...
New Driver

HI I have a huge collection of Buick memorability that i would like to sell. Everything that a buick employee of the 70's would recognize. Large collection of lapel pins. Probably the most diverse in the country. A lot of factory stuff, Buick promotional Stuff. I live in central florida and would bring all the collection to the meet if I could, but I cannot. All you vendors could make a killing to because some of the collection is a one off. For more information call Mike King 1-352-408-3294.