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40 years after McQueen’s death, we celebrate 7 of his best rides

In show biz terms, a triple threat refers to a person who can sing, act, and dance. From that perspective, Steve McQueen was just one-for-three. (Before you mention Baby the Rain Must Fall, no, that was not McQueen’s voice. His vocals were dubbed.)


On the other hand, McQueen remains a certified triple threat in automotive circles: He could act, drive, and ride. When it comes to cars and motorcycles, and especially movie cars and motorcycles, McQueen’s name is as magical as the words barn find. He was the bad-boy version of Paul Newman, saying and doing the things the rest of us couldn’t, and we admired him for it.


For those reasons and more, today marks a sad anniversary. Forty years ago, on November 7, 1980, the King of Cool succumbed to cancer. He was only 50 years old.


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Pit Crew

The 1945 Jeep shown is a Ford.  Note the 9 slot grille.  Because Ford had a much larger ability to build vehicles than Willys, most of the WW11 Jeeps came from Ford.  Willys Jeeps have a 7 slot grille, the same as all Jeeps to this day.

Intermediate Driver

McQueen became the hero of mine when I was +/- 10 years old from a TV series where he was a bounty hunter sporting a Winchester short gun. The manly image this guy projected was something to become for me. Sweet memories.

What about his Jaguar XKSS?


Don’t forget about Steve’s passion for the legendary off-road motorcycle brand Husqvarna. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the classic Husqvarna bikes of the 60’s and 70’s. Steve rode and loved these iconic machines.

Pit Crew

One more for the list - his Jaguar XKSS. 


Steve was  the bounty hunter Josh Randolph in Wanted Dead or Alive on TV. Rutger Hauer played his great grandson Nick Randolph a bounty hunter in the movie Wanted Dead or Alive

New Driver

WW2 Jeep Production: Total 646,930 (Bantam: 2643, Ford: 281,446, Willys: 362,841).

Nine slot, stamped steel grille was a Ford design upgrade from June 1942, used on both the Ford GPW and the Willy’s MB models. Seven slot grille started on post war CJ model and is used to this day.