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Hagerty Employee

4 underappreciated motorcycles cruising under the radar

As money moves around in the motorcycle world, there are models that get skipped over. With more buyers jumping into the collector motorcycle world and investors and speculators snagging up anything they think will be worth more tomorrow, it’s easy to think that all the good buys are gone. As a Hagerty valuation analyst and resident motorcycle collector, I don’t think so. There remain segments of all markets that present relative affordability and value for the dollar. In the collector car world, the motorcycle stands out.


Let’s look at four that have us wondering why they’ve lagged behind ...


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Pit Crew

a $40k motorcycle is "underappreciated"?

New Driver

Remember that underappreciated does not mean cheap by the literal number, but rather it means cheap by what you get for the money. A $40k motorcycle can be undervalued if you are getting the history, provenance, ridability, etc that is worth $80k. For instance, a $1m Ferrari 250 GTO looked very expensive but the market determined that was underappreciated by 5000%...

Intermediate Driver

1983 Honda CX650TD turbo.  Extremely rare, a thrill to ride, and in my opinion beautiful. 


My 77 GL1000 has 224,000 miles and is still going strong on the original engine and has never had a head removed.


I bought a 1976 Goldwing in the spring of 1976. Added the Vetter fairing with tunes, saddle bags and tail trunk. At 22 years old I packed the bike, grabbed the girlfriend and toured the west  for a month.  It was my trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. There was the trip across Lake Michigan on a ferry to avoid Chicago. spent the night in western Wisconsin the said there was nothing I needed to see in Minnesota so I never drove less than 110 mph crossing the state and never even saw a cop. We hit the Badlands, Wall drug, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, Salt Lake, Canyon Lands, Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam and San Francisco. While at around 11,000 feet we stopped and watched a hang glider jump off off and 2,000 foot cliff. It would take way to long to give many details of the trip but I always wanted to do it again. But if I ever do the old body & wife would require a nice convertible to do it again. Maybe after this covid thing passes.

Pit Crew

It was certainly a heavy bike at close to 600 pounds—over 100 "pounder" heavier than a . . .


Pleasantly surprised to see the Moto Guzzi Daytona RS. I have a 96 Sport 1100i that looks identical but has half as many valves. Still is extremely quick. Can’t imagine the need for having a few more HP. 

New Driver

Had a red '82 GS1100E. Great bike, didn't have enough back tire, but better than my cbx. Handling wasn't bad but the goofy anti-dive front forks were way over-hyped.

Intermediate Driver

I’ve got a 2010 Honda Fury. I think the Fury is one of the most unappreciated bikes of today. They look great and are a good solid bike. I can see them becoming something of a collector in future years. 


Excellent article ...... BUT, beware of trying to give ACCURATE info on things of the past based on magazine articles of the era! I lived those times & "Spun" wrench in several big shops of the time. I have owned/worked on MANY of said bikes & still own a # of them. For instance, the CB1100F was a nice bike, but was realistically just a 750/900 with bigger displacement. It WOULDN'T hold a candle to the GS1100E, not even CLOSE! I know, because (at the shops) we mechanics were ALWAYS trying to outdo each other with what we had (or could borrow) & I put my Z1's & GS's up against ANYTHING (even the Yamaha V-Max) & would regularly "EAT" them. In '81, one of the "BIG" magazines said the Honda CX500 Turbo would destroy a GS1100E in a 5th gear roll-on starting at 100kph. DUH, Ya! The GS was almost stalling (lol) at 100kph in 5th gear! Same test (But 2nd gear on the GS, at 100kph) & the CX500T was nowhere in sight (WAY behind!). Just say'n. Again, great article! 


Just to clarify before the V-Max guys start crying, it is ALWAYS about the operators knowledge of their machine & SKILL at operating it! 


Honda GL1000 brings back many memories! I had a 1978 GL1000, same color as the Hagerty photo, but in '78 Honda fully chromed the exhaust and added the NEW Comstar wheels. I rode the wheels off of that thing. When I sold it, it still ran and looked almost new, but had 90k miles on it.


Good to see the GS1100E finally recognized. I bought a red 82 GS1100E brand new and still have it today. I went to to spec pages in the back of magazines like cycle world and scanned the specs for the fastest bike available and said that is what I am buying. It still gets my adrenaline going even today. 

Intermediate Driver

Man, I hate articles like this. Usually, 3 out of 4 of the items are something I already want, and now the prices will go up as I’m trying to save for them. 


Great for the soulless flipper or those with heaps of disposable income, not so much for the bucks-down enthusiast. Of course, higher values = higher insurance premiums. Ah, I think I’m beginning to get it. 


Make mine a 1949 Indian Scout.


My 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 has over 138K miles and is running just fine, thank you very much.  Those miles were put on her from 2007 - 2015, mostly commuting on I-95 in northern VA, at which point I bought my comfy retirement bike, a 2015 Kaw Vaquero.  It was just under 70K when the 'rona interrupted my routine, so still short of my 72K oil, tire and brake change.

Advanced Driver

I was reading along with interest on the early Harleys, relative values, etc.... and then you switched to 3 other bikes with no more in common than having 2 wheels?

I thought that an errant keystroke had taken me to another story entirely.


Wha...? c'mon now! "4 under appreciated"? not in my 'book', these are some of 'the better'. (well, I'd replace the 1100 w/the 1000). I'd put these up there w/the KZ1000, CB750 and many others. May B this is abt "the 4"?

Intermediate Driver

Prices on vintage BMWs are going through the roof!


Yeah, the early Goldwings are great bikes, but good luck find a good starter button for one.

Intermediate Driver

A 1965 pan, having the enclosed chaincase and an end to total loss oiling would be my choice. I drove a 64 pan, hand shift,  with a side car while in college.


It's strange when people think that when Hagerty or BAT or something similar feature a vehicle/ motorcycle, they're trying to drive up the price and demand?   

I really like that Suzuki!  Feels 80's glam to me.  


So happy to see the Suzuki getting the attention it deserves.  Previously many years ago owned 84 and 86 GS1150's and now own a stock well maintained 83 GS1100E.  Great bike with balance and easy to ride at any pace.  Upgrading suspension and brakes otherwise leaving it as is.  Honda 1100F is slower and top heavy and over valued.  Never thought I'd say that a few years ago but its true.