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4 tips for when your car won't start away from home

My 1969 Austin Healey Sprite has been generally reliable, starting every time I turned the key during my few months of ownership. After the third turn of the key without hearing the engine sputter to life with that signature British burble, it was clear the Healey had a problem and I was going to have to deal with it stranded at a gas station. 


In the end I managed to drive the car home. How did I avoid the tow truck? Check out these tips for how you can remedy basic trouble on a future drive.


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Well written, and I'm sure very helpful, but would you please stop using the word hack to describe something as mundane as cleaning the points on a distributor? You didn't thwart the time-lock of a Vegas casino's safe. Would you describe as a "hack", the act of spinning an oil filter counterclockwise to remove it? Has our society become so inept that getting in the mail, preparing a toaster waffle, or any other act of competency gets called a hack?