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4 tips for when your car won't start away from home

My 1969 Austin Healey Sprite has been generally reliable, starting every time I turned the key during my few months of ownership. After the third turn of the key without hearing the engine sputter to life with that signature British burble, it was clear the Healey had a problem and I was going to have to deal with it stranded at a gas station. 


In the end I managed to drive the car home. How did I avoid the tow truck? Check out these tips for how you can remedy basic trouble on a future drive.


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Years ago I bought a beater 1967 MGB for $800, the best $800 I ever spent.  Although an old British roadster may have been foolish for someone with absolutely no mechanical knowledge or skill, I got seven years of pure joy out of that car before a broken gearbox ended our relationship.  To the story:


One very rainy morning I went to fire up the MG which was parked in a carport.  There was plenty of battery umph, but the engine wouldn't fire.  Without even basic knowledge of where to start I sat for a moment pondering.  I looked around at the rain and suddenly I thought "condensation in the distributor"!  So, I ran a long extension cord from the bedroom window to the carport, took off the distributor cap, and used a portable hair dryer to blow down the interior of the cap.  I then put the cap back on the distributor, got into the car and turned the key.  Vroom!  Life was good again!


Sometimes a little common sense and thinking through the problem can make up for a lack of knowledge or skill.


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