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4 takeaways from Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale sale | Hagerty Media

Auction frenzy came to Arizona two months late this year as Barrett-Jackson signature sale, postponed due to the pandemic, kicked off at the vast WestWorld facility. It was an important test for the venerable auction company, which thrives on the spectacle (and the gate fees) of its live sales and has been slower than many competitors to shift business online.
Intermediate Driver

BJ was a small circus of concentrated buyers and drunk bidders with a lot of money spent on vehicles in my opinion were just rodded up projects because the resto shop took the easy way out dropping a LS in it. I get the work involved in some of these, but cannot see them holding their value. Some grease monkeys made out well on those.

Lots of charity bids as well, that remember are just tax write offs for someone or some company.

There is a lot of COVID money getting thrown at these vehicles. I know of more than a few folks who went out to BJ with 100k+ from uncle sam from that 1st round of PPP money, and at least two vehicles were purchased. The one gentlemen told me straight up "I didn't need the money, I had a great 2020, but once I got the money it occurred to me that something was missing in my life, and I am pretty sure that an old bronco can fix it" lol
Intermediate Driver

Perhaps the SBA or any other Fed organization will be paying them a visit. Isn't those funds supposed to be going to employee payroll and not a personal car collection?

Intermediate Driver

Supposed to be, and I am sure most of those funds were legitamate. Not everyone has a moral compass and there is fraud in everything. Sad.
Pit Crew

You may have put your finger on an after-market component for the classic car dashboard, a "moral compass".
Intermediate Driver

All charity donations are tax write offs - and serve a great purpose.

Resto stole the show, I just hope some of those bidders did'nt drive home.😂

Somebody dodged a bullet! That somebody was not named Kevin Hart.

Hopefully this car doesn't get wrecked like the last over priced classic he purchased
Intermediate Driver

I heard that some pale green corvette was broken down along the 40..... lol


No worries , we will see the ones that don't run on eBay this week.


That color combo on the old Vette is awesome. We need to see more seafoam green, teal, aqua, steely blue, and green tones.
Intermediate Driver

Maybe, just maybe this show the changing demographics of the buyers from the purist to the true passionate car guy (or gal) who doesn't care if the car is original, in fact someone who looks at "mods" as improvements to which they are!!!
I've said it time and time again on here, when the time comes I'll fix up my old '63 Poncho the way I want, with the changes I want, 'cuz the purist aren't driving MY car and I won't care one bit what they think as with most people these days.
If it's the original thing you want, go back to the horse 'n buggy !!!
A true Car Person loves ALL cars no matter the color brand condition or changes, OK there's always exceptions but you get my point...
Oh and mwmyers91 I'd trust any well done Resto mod any day ...
What's with all the neigh sayers on here??

Advanced Driver

Well said.
Advanced Driver

Exactly right! If it isn't set up to make you happy then what's the point? To have something just to say you have it? Waste of money. Although I don't care for the heavy mods/improvements personally, that's just my taste. Everyone gets the ones that make them happy. That's what the hobby is all about. Then go drive them!
Intermediate Driver

“Neigh” sayers are horses.
Intermediate Driver

As always, the most desireable cars always go to those with the ability to spend 6 figures and insure that the bidding gets out of reach of us mere mortals. Collectors with fat wallets take the meat and leave everyone else with the fat and bones. Yeah, once in a while a "no reserve" 1942 all original basket case or some such car will come on the block at no reserve and sell for $15K, but the average gearhead is not interested in such a car, and longs for that '57 Bel-air or nicely restored T-Bird ,or GTO, which now has been bid out of reach. It's too bad those of us who grew up getting our hands full of grease and actually driving and repairing what we were able to afford can no longer enjoy those cars bid out of our price range. Lets change the name from classic cars to investment cars, which is what the hobby has become.

It is that way with most things, but few pay attention outside their core interest.
For us, it is vehicles. But the same is true in art, race horses, real estate, any physical asset with a market driven value will see the most desirable items bid to the stratosphere.

Your T-bird, 57 Chevy, or GTO are good examples. Highly desirable cars, with matching prices. 67 Chevelles are in the same category.

However, a 56 or 66 Chevy, a LeMans, or another year T-bird will have the more reasonable price you seek.

Also, have you considered a side-hustle to fund you hobby goals? Seriously, if you need an extra couple grand per month to set aside for that GTO, why not try and hustle it up? You’ll likely appreciate the #3 car a little more and be a little less upset at what everyone else is doing. #GetBusyLiving
New Driver

Well said!
Intermediate Driver

yep,  funny how supply and demand always works that way, not only with cars but with real estate and also salaries .


and humans are very bizarre in their desires, I have owned a 72 Bronco for 27 years, six years ago I tried to sell it for $5K, it has fuel injection, power steering, a 5 speed , disc brakes etc. zero, ZERO interest. none.

  now people see it sitting in my yard and want to buy it.

no one wanted it until everyone ELSE wanted it,

   no one wants cars until everyone else wants them too.

  no one wants a cool vintage car unless its expensive and everyone else wants it too.


i have no idea why. but thats the way people are.  there are lots of affordable vintage cars available, you just have to find one you like that everyone else isnt investing their retirement fund on.



no,  you cant buy a hemi barracuda for $10K anymore

no, you cant buy a fastback 66 mustang  for $2K like you could in 1985


but there are plenty of  reasonably priced vintage cars available 

or at least i thought so 

did any of yall watch the Mecum Houston auction?

some very good cars got sold for under $25K


the auction started with a very nice 63 Mercury Meteor 4 door for $6K

  followed by a

47 Lincoln convertible $23K

58 Edsel convertible $28K

37 Ford phaeton convertible $20K 

37 Ford 4 door convertible $20K

60 cadiliac convertible $18

54 Mercury glass roof $26K

62 olds starfire convertible $22K

49 Mercury convertible  $32k

65 mercury park lane marauder $12

59 ford galaxy sunliner cloth convertible $27K

66 mustang $22K

75lincoln mk4 $7K

71 mustang convertible $20K

40 Packard coupe $13K

68 Cadiliac convertible $20K

68 cutlass convertible $25K

47 Lincoln convertible $25

74 couple deville $7K

53 ford $21k

38 chevy $9K

49 ford tudor 302 5 speed $21K

36 ford tudor $19K

50 ford four door $8K

59 ford 2 dr hardtop $18k

31 ford highboy hotrod $26K

66 plymouth fury $10K

37 dodge streetrod $21k

65 chevy stock pickup $18k

39 ford sedan $18k

37 chevy hotrod $18k

73 mustang convertible $21

61 falcon 4 door $4K

65 thunderbird convertible $18

48 Lincoln continental $20

70Buick GS $24k

67 elcamino $21

78 Lincoln mk4 $23k

67 impala convertible $23k

69 caprice 4 door ht $20K

54 pontiac $25k

72 gmc pickup $22k

57 chevy 2 dr $23K

63 Avanti $22K

70 cutlass $22K

65 fury $25K

72 mustang mach 1 $24k

81 Z28 $25K






Advanced Driver

True and said 1,000,000 times before.
New Driver

IMHO BJ is still more for the wealthy collector whereas Mecum offers more "gearhead" vehicles although Mecum has bitten into what was once exclusive BJ market. That being said I enjoy the auctions and the reactions of the bidders. I love the passionate bidder who seems genuinely thrilled and excited when they post the winning bid as opposed to the poker-faced sourpuss that would appear to not give a damn and displays the emotion of a pile of dead mice when they win the bid. But that's just one of the dynamics that makes it interesting.
Intermediate Driver

I love the BJ auctions (and I've attended live) the same way I vicariously love my friend's boat. I'm not directly financially invested, I throw him a few bucks for gas, and at the end of the day I walk down the dock saying to myself "Man, and I glad I don't own that money pit".
Intermediate Driver

Barrett-Jackson. Ruining the car hobby for the little guy, one car at a time.
Intermediate Driver

Not true, take a look at the list provided by Roundhouse ... many affordable cars were scooped up.

Advanced Driver

I'm OK with some resto-mods. However I absolutely HATE when someone takes a pristine original and starts whacking at it because it is easier than tackling a parts car or one with bodywork needs. A car is only original once. Keep those for posterity. Yes, it is YOUR car and you can do whatever you want with it, but it is just like your house in that after you are gone, the next person may not want to pay top dollar for your decorating tastes and so it sits.
Intermediate Driver

I agree, I am OK with some resto-mods. Like the resto project where original parts are made on unobtainium. Thats a good choice for the LS drop in and other mods. Ample parts are available for common GMs, Ford, Mopars, where you can build a nice motor while keeping the original block. Too many shops take the easy way out and just call Summit for a new motor.  Custom paint, etc. I agree too limits your buyers. The buyer has to be on-board with your choices.  

New Driver

I dont understand all the hate. I've been to BJ, Mecum, Gooding, RM, R&S & Bonhams. While the upper end ones are definitely for the stiff upper crustys the others are fantastic fun for all. Also, do us average car guys really desire to have the trailer queens that go across BJ? Would you really want a 57 Chevy in your garage (it wont fit in mine) that you cant drive? I have a (very) small collection of sub 10k cars that I very much enjoy. Even though I would never buy there I registered as a bidder for BJ multiple times and me and my buds had a blast. Me and a bud have Gold at Mecum and watch each auction to see if I can pick up a deal. None of this is terribly expensive to do. Sorry haters, you are living in the good old days!
Intermediate Driver

Barrett Jackson has always been the leader. Unfotunately, they also lead the list when it comes to B.S. withi the car collector field.
If everyone believed the posted values, no one would be buying a classic to drive and enjoy. The cars would be parked a garage, like paintings are hung on wheels.
Most of car auction results should be broadcast on FOX Network: FAKE NEWS!
Intermediate Driver

My error.
Barrett Jackson has always been the leader. Unfortunately, they also lead the list when it comes to B.S. within the collector car industry.
If everyone believed the posted values, no one would be buying a classic to drive and enjoy. The cars would be parked in a garage, like art being hung on a wall.
Most of the car auction results should be broadcast on FOX network: FAKE NEWS!
New Driver

Seriously? Do you actually believe that it is somehow fake?
What is certainly true is the "classics" have become more scarce - how many have you actually seen at Cars & Coffee? Then again, so what? As per my earlier post they are much more difficult to own, maintain and even drive. I'll take my sub 10k drivers for fun vs something defined by someone else as a "classic" that must stay in my garage under a car cover for eternity.
Intermediate Driver

Years ago I used to go to BJ when it was a four day auction and a bidders pass was $200. I could justify the $50 bucks a day in the free drinks, but now, no way can I cover it. Mecum also used to have free drinks, but no more. Maybe that's why prices were down in Glendale as compared to BJ. What I couldn't believe this year was seeing some classic "custom" bondo wagon trucks bringing around $200K.
Intermediate Driver

Bondo being the keyword. Look for them on eBay or BaT in a few weeks or listed in some other auction soon once the buyers actually inspect what they bought sober.

Advanced Driver

When investors drive the market, winners and losers are defined by current fashion instead of value. Thirty plus years ago, wealthy foreign investors pushed 1950's American iron through the roof.  Unfortunately, anyone who invested $100k in 1959 Cadillac Tail Fin stock probably isn't using the profits to fund their retirement in the south of France today. Fashion is defined by approximately two people with a whole lot of money willing to outbid each other. It may be something completely inane, like $91 million for a stainless steel bunny, or desire gone off the rails, like $3.8 million for a 1967 Corvette L88 (which to my unsophisticated eye, looks pretty much like every other 1967 Corvette without the optional L88 package). Value is what you like and what you can afford. When was the last time a '59 drop-top Caddy hammered for more than $300k? How about a 1999 Acura NSX? Then sell again on BAT two months later for $425k? Nobody wants to be the last high-bidder, but somebody has to be or the scheme doesn't work. In ten years the Acura will fail to meet its reserve while that first gen Tesla roadster will break the bank. I suppose if you have the money, you can define fashion for the rest of us - in which case I think I'll just hang on to my rather unfashionable '48 Ford.

The top end of the Auction is not my market; the prices are too high and as I have said before I buy my cars to drive; so here on the Left Coast driving something exotic and/or high priced just doesn't make sense. I also feel that complaining about people who one thinks have more money than brains,
or too many cocktails isn't appropriate although i have said it as well at times and those folks are certainly entitled to their opinions.
In other news: Hagerties: The engine is not yet in the Impala and I have a buyer for the car, who is the Father of one of the young ones helping out here! He'll buy it the way it stands including the 327 which finally made it here. Will wonders never cease!

Beautiful automobiles! Unfortunately, most of them are just a wee bit beyond my budget! But I did take some small amount of comfort knowing that I could actually afford the MGB or the little Mitsubishi. As a fan of the old British roadsters I do have to admit that the MGB was quite impressive. Interesting to see an EV being sold (the Hummer), albeit for charity's sake. I wonder if that's a harbinger of future Jackson-Barrett offerings to come.
Intermediate Driver

These car auctions are a unique American phenomenon. We should be proud to have them. They serve to preserve the histories of thousands of significant automobiles from over a hundred years ago to the present. These auctions also feed a healthy car parts, car accessories, and car restoration-modification-painting industry that employs tens of thousands of people. These TV car shows, & car auctions also serve to spark the interest of the young generation in getting involved with car collecting, racing, & other activities related to cars.
Intermediate Driver

Barrett-Jackson is fun to watch on TV. It’s great for the the economy in terms of the money that’s exchanged. For the average “car guy”, a day of bidding is out of reach. That’s OK, I’m glad these deep pocket people have the money to spend. I’d be there if I had money. What is displeasing to me is the inflated prices that seem to go up every year. Resto-Mods? Is that the fancy new name for what we called customized many years ago? Should the original 60s muscle cars that come thru that look like they’re wrapped in cellophane (clear coat) be classed as original? No car shined like that then, no matter how much Turtle Wax you rubbed on.
Motor Man Mark posted his thoughts on originality. I agree with him in terms of one size doesn’t fit all, purist or mod people, who cares? It’s a choice. Then he goes on to speak about a true Car Person loves all cars. I’m not sold on that thought. The next sentence seems to negate what he thinks about a True Car Person. MMM opens up a loophole called exceptions. Oh well, I’d say MMM is a great guy, but going back to a horse and buggy? Nah. My original 1969 car is much more comfortable.
Intermediate Driver

There were some great deals at mecum Houston .
it sure looked like it to me .

A 47 Lincoln convertible for under $20k ?

A 37 Ford 4 door sedan convertible for under $20k ?

And that 63 Mercury Meteor for $6k looked outstanding .
In the 80s my family owned a 62 four door meteor and a 63 two door meteor. And I thought they were cool cars, based on the fairlane but slightly longer and usually more options.
Our 63 two door had the 260 V8, power steering , power brakes, automatic, factory dealer AC and bucket seats and console.

The 62 foot door had the one year only ? 221 V8 three on the tree and zero power options . But we got it from the original owner in 81, it was their daily driver all those years , had 230,000 miles on it .