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4 forgotten 4x4s that some enthusiasts may actually remember

Nobody remembers the one millionth red light they’ve stopped at, but everyone remembers the first time they got stuck in the mud in a 4×4—or how a 4×4 helped them discover new places that would’ve been practically impossible to explore on foot without a weeks-long hike. It’s the 4×4’s ability to traverse seemingly impassible barriers that makes them so memorable. Most of them, anyway.


Leaving aside the popular Jeep Wranglers and Toyota Hiluxes are some forgotten 4x4s of the past, those that sank into obscurity more through the failures of our own memories than any mechanical maladies on their part.


Today we’re digging into the depths of our minds, sifting through the broad spectrum of giant earth-movers and fly-weight hooliganism, and selecting our four favorite forgotten 4x4s.


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Couple Gear Freight Company article and photos absolutely fascinating: American ingenuity at its best!

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