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Hagerty Employee

4 cars you didn’t know were designed by musicians

Cars and music are two passions that have crossed paths in all kinds of memorable ways. The birth of rock ’n’ roll in the 1950s dovetailed with the arrival of teenagers with disposable incomes and a suburban sprawl that demanded to be cruised once school was out for the day. It wasn’t long before songs commemorating nearly everything you could do with—or in—a car were flooding the airwaves and soaking permanently into pop culture. Read the full article on

Community Manager

The Rinspeed classified ad found in the article is actually a 5.0 V8 with a twin screw supercharger!  Big block torque in a neoclassic? 😮

New Driver

The Rinspeed Yello Talbo would be my first choice. Then the LincVolt.


Hands down the moroder and the singer(a porsche) . I'm sorry(not really) but Neil Young's car is the ugliest piece a **bleep** I've ever set my eye on. If that's what your into ,you should be euthanized, (yuck) I'm gonna spew chunks...


Sorry, Icanttakethis65, but Icantseehowyoucanconsideryouselfaclassiccarenthusiast. "Classic cars" may not have a clearly defined definition, but it doesn't only include hot rods. Plus Neil Young is the coolest. His music rules. He has a lot of money & could have wasted it by putting his foot to the metal & blow up a few more engines like you probably do in your spare time but instead he put his mind into something innovative and desirable: Make these old cars still driveable despite changing times. How much longer do you think you'll be able to go down to the local Chevron & fill up on premium for the Porsche?

Pit Crew

I worked in the record industry back then.  I knew Roger Christian but never realized he wrote the Beach Boy lyrics.  He was a top DJ when KFWB was the THE station for rock and roll.  Roger was a down to earth guy without any ot the "look at me" shenanigans some of the lesser artists exuded.  I seem to remember a Corvette on jacks at his house.  It was a while ago.


"Italo-disco marching powder"? 

I thought cocaine came from South America. 


Will I Am, of the iconic group the Black Eyed Peas, stated on an episode of the original show Top Gear, that he wanted to produce a car in LA, to give back to his community. I never have heard if he pursued this or not. Maybe you can find out.

New Driver

Yello for sure. I've been a fan of the group since the 80's. 

Pit Crew

I think the characterization of “4 cars designed by musicians” is quite misleading. These cars were all designed by automotive engineers, and particularly in the case of Singer, after-marketed by an artist. I would love to have a Singer Porsche - the other 3, meh.

New Driver

What about all the wild dream machines of Wil I. Am?  He's my neighbor; hard to miss when he's in town, with his wild rides realized by California Custom.


Love the looks of the Continental, but Young will never admit it isn’t the electric things that are saving all the people and the vehicles that restore and rescue during these times. Yes, the time is coming for a greater mix of electric and fossil fuel but even so the environment and climate are only in Gods hands —we aren’t and can’t destroy it.


I want evidence for your claim, "we aren't and can't destroy it." So 3.2 gigatons of Carbon Dioxide have NO effect? I think God wanted us to be better shepherds than that. So does Neil Young. 

New Driver

Hey when you're wrong, you're really wrong..


The Singer Porsche. Awesome engineering upgrade with respect for the iconic 911 design


Singer Porsche. Awesome engineering refresh with respect for iconic 911 design