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Hagerty Employee

4 cars that were the last of their kind, and whose prices command a premium | Hagerty Media

The car business is evolving constantly. As in nature, though, not every engine, body style, or model evolves fast enough to survive. These extinctions, sad as they can be, are also focal points for enthusiasts who wax poetic about "the end of an era" or "the last of its kind."
Pit Crew

If scarcity is cool, then my '65 Falcon sprint is an icicle. Only 2806 built and hard to say how many are still on the road. Want scarcer yet? Sprint convertible from '65 - only 300 or so of those sold! As for the above mentioned cars the 993 is one I wouldn't mind having...Well, okay - an LS6 Chevelle would be bad-ass.
Intermediate Driver

I agree with a couple of those on the list but
Cadillacs? Really?
Pit Crew

The Chevelle would be my first choice but hardtop, followed by the RX-7, followed by the Lotus.
Intermediate Driver

My neighbor bought that rotary engine wonder, took good care of it through the dealer, but the engine failed at 73,000 miles and out of warranty. Too expensive to fix so a disassembler hauled it away on a rollback and paid the neighbor $500. "Some cars can't go the distance", my neighbor said.
Intermediate Driver

Reading the headline, I thought they were taking about the last one built of each model. THAT car is where the money is.
New Driver

Not sure why the BMW Z4 coupe never make these lists. The 3.0Si is a sweet 6 and one of BMW’s best engines and with a manual they are rare. Only 828 made for North America.
Pit Crew

What about the BMW E60 M5? Will we ever see a naturally aspirated V10 and manual (or SMG) in a sedan? Ever again?

Interesting choices, very eclectic. As nice and even more rare than the Chevelle was my Uncle's (back in the '70's)1970 El Camino with the LS 6. Only problem was you needed a few Harley's in the bed to get traction, it was scary in the rain, especially with the 4.10's/M22 and street tires.
Pit Crew

The most valuable car to me will always be the one I climb into and drive every day. The one I could afford. The one I poured my heart into. Memories are priceless....and never rust.

no station wagon, 12 pass van, big us of a 'vert, etc?
Advanced Driver

All of these cars deserve the premium they have on their price.

I've always thought that the RX-7 seems like the spiritual successor to the Toyota 2000GT. Small, lithe, technologically advanced, quirky. Vastly more appealing than any GT-R brick-lump or the older dorkmobiles being imported from Japan these days.
New Driver

You guys are way off in values on Esprits. $47k is low. We just sold a 21k mile 95 S4S for $57k. Most late Esprits are in well kept condition and there are not too many to choose from because they were sod in very low numbers. An average good example V8 rarely is listed for under $55k. A 2004 Final Edition is worth around $65-80k for a low mile, well kept example. $47k is going to buy you an entry level early V8, and probably a suspect storied car. Always pay more for well serviced and documented car and you will be rewarded by one of the best values in the exotic car field. Find a good shop that knows them and consult with well known parts specialists like Lotus by Claudius, and JAE parts. Factory support is still very good as many of the old timers are still around who built them and there is a lot of support for Esprit owners on Keep up the good work, love your blogs and articles.
Intermediate Driver

The title of the article is” 4 cars that were the last of their kind, and whose prices command a premium”. Most of the comments are asking “why wasn’t such and such a car included in the article”. All of those cars may be nice (and maybe owned by the commenter), but that wasn’t the purpose of the article. Were those other cars the last of a model run? NO. Do those other cars, that were the last of a model run, command a premium (like the ones in the article)? NO.

So, please don’t get your panties in a wad that your favorite car didn’t make the list. Just save your comments for that future article where they will be appropriate.

BTW, I don’t own any of the exact cars mentioned, but they all toot my horn. Loudly.

I love all these cars for different reasons. A nice list of fun cars. Flat 6, V8, Rotary, Turbo's in various combos. Lots of fun here.
New Driver

And how about the Porsche 968? It's a superb conventional-layout car, with perfect 50-50 weight balance due to the transaxle in back and engine in front, it's easier to work on than any mid-engine, and has the same 0-60 acceleration as a 1965-66 Shelby GT-350, with twice the gas mileage, two more gears, better brakes, better suspension, better traction, Italian looks, 154 mph top speed vs 135 for the GT-350, and it does all of this with half the cylinders, and the homeless bums don't always want to tell you at the stoplights about their old man who had a fast Mustang. I've owned both-lucky me.
Advanced Driver

For me, the Porsche is the ultimate. About the Chevelle, tho, after watching and reading about all the auto auctions recently, I figure Chevy must have made about 8,479,246 1970 SS454's. They seem like they're everywhere! And they all say they have the LS6 motor. The word "clone" comes to mind, and some people are getting not exactly what they paid for.
As BMD4800 says way down below, a healthy big block is truly exciting, pushing you back in the seat with enough noise and brute force to put a major smile on the face. But, people that shell out megabux for these cars will NEVER even put them on the road, let alone race them. So sad.