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4 canceled vehicles that deserved a second chance

The automotive industry is brutal. Dollar signs drive design decisions every day, and if a product doesn’t continue to satisfy bean counters and board executives, it’s tossed aside regardless of the cult that might follow the nameplate to its grave. 


Today we both celebrate and mourn the loss of several models that were axed before they could be polished or refined to the full extent. Read the full article on

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Aztek is a classic example of domestic vehicle thinking.... besides being plain butt ugly and looked like it was the work of a committee and a polling survey rather than being designed.  Is it any wonder why our domestic producers are giving up on small cars and cars in general when they have spent the last few decades sending them over to the rubbermaid store and outfit it with air flow appendages, plastic cladding, decals and badges telling the buyers that you bought the real wizz bang thing and then having to persuade buyers by offering discounts and cash back incentives when they should have been putting that same money into producing dependable quality rather than to sucker buyers to take this rubbish off the dealers floor plan....who then are forced to have their wallets washed and waxed after the warranty expires.