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4 canceled vehicles that deserved a second chance

The automotive industry is brutal. Dollar signs drive design decisions every day, and if a product doesn’t continue to satisfy bean counters and board executives, it’s tossed aside regardless of the cult that might follow the nameplate to its grave. 


Today we both celebrate and mourn the loss of several models that were axed before they could be polished or refined to the full extent. Read the full article on

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I agree with the VW Phaeton assessment. Wrong badge for the price, lives on under other skins.


Magnum... should be brought back. Still the same platform so its not a full retooling to put the modern front on it, just do a 3rd refresh and bring it back then. And yes... Demonize it.


I'll agree on the GT300/Stealth. These things have quite the following, but pretty much all the Japanese makes stopped making their fun cars. Mitsubishi held out with the evo  --its a different kind of fun and deserving of its own mention in this article. Mitsubishi should just make all Lancers wide body (and better looking) to amortize the cost of the Evo platform ---(Lancer = base Mustang vs Evo = Shelby is the pricing concept, not that they are comparable vehicle niche)


Aztek was ugly to the public at the time. That is why it failed. Lose the cladding, simplify the styling a bit to the trends of the time and maybe you sell more (pricing may still have been a factor). I disagree with saying Aztek had anything to do with Pontiac's demise  --Pontiac was selling more cars than Buick when it was axed to my knowledge, just not in China. Pontiac's direct overlap with Chevrolet was reasonable to cut... it was silly to toss away one of the fiercest brand followings and identities. Purely not a car person decision.


Ford Focus, especially RS should have remained available in North America. I think USA gets some sort of hybrid version now? We don't see them in Canada.


Chev SS (Pontiac G8)  --the great car no one bought or no one could find at a dealership?


And then there is all the ended-when-sorted  examples like Fiero, Corvair, SS trucks, Lightnings, etc.