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Hagerty Employee

4 award-winning cars that made some buyers very, very angry

The longest running automotive award—Motor Trend’s Car of the Year—dates back more than six decades. Car and Driver’s 10Best now covers 40 years. A customer who bought the “COTY” every year without fail would have ended up with some truly great cars, like the ’68 GTO and the ’98 Corvette. (Someone who bought a “10Best” car every year could have wound up driving Accords their whole life.) In retrospect, however, it’s more than a little interesting to see how some of these MAJOR AWARD winners fared in the marketplace. Here’s a quartet of cars that thanked the Academy, cashed the checks, then… well, let’s see what happened next.


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Intermediate Driver

My girlfriend of the late '70s and early '80s had a '76 Mustang, with a stick. It was a very unmemorable car.