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New Driver

389 Engine

I recentley purchased a 1965 G T O. I know the engine is not correct and was told it was out of a Catalina ? On the right front it is stamped, 629185 YE. By the distributor is stamped 9778789 , and f246. I think it is indeed a 1966 389, however I can not find what the 629185 YE refes to. Any help is greatley appreciated. Thank You Rod C

Hagerty Employee

This is a 1966 389CID/325HP Block out of a Catalina

YE = '65-'66 389cid/325 HP with auto trans

629185 = Engine sequntial number 

9778789 = '65-'66 389 Block casting

F246 = Date code F = June 24 = 24th 6 = 1966  June 24th 1966


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