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Hagerty Employee

3 Volkswagen time travelers find econo heaven

Earlier this summer, Volkswagen of America offered media loans of vintage vehicles from its historic collection. We gathered three of them—a Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Rabbit GTI—for a well-spent July day motoring around southeast Michigan. 


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New Driver

Nice, but a tributary flows into a larger river. To say, "... the original Type 1 was the river from which all tributaries flowed..." is not correct. 

New Driver

Beetles and Karmann Ghias have been hot for years. Recently early Rabbit GTIs have going crazy on Bring A Trailer, bring big dollars for clean examples with well over 100,000 miles! 

New Driver

"... the river from which all tributaries flowed." Eloquent, but impossible. Tributaries flow to the river, never from.


I was the very happy owner of a new 1971 Superbeetle for 10 years.  Later I owned a 1980 and a 1985 Rabbit Covertibles nicknamed  “Topless Bunnies”.  Fun times.

Pit Crew

Ahh yes the long throw VW shifter. My family owned several starting with a 1958 split window with semaphore turn signal to a hot rodded Westphalia Camper that would do 75 mph in third gear. My Dad would say "you didn't drive a VW bug you rowed it"


I've had two Beetles, lost one in a divorce and sold the other one when it was between the car and groceries. I haven't forgotten either one, moved on to a collection of mostly Domestic cars, and I found a Beetle under a tree for several years (order the floor pans) on land owned by an acquaintance. It is repainted Screaming Yellow. Yes, I can't help myself. I'm trying to own it.

Intermediate Driver

Nice article, fun read - but you youngsters unfamiliar with carburetors should know the pump of the pedal squirts fuel into the venturi FROM the float bowl not INTO the float bowl!




One other thing: At college I fell in love with an extravagant heiress, who had a Ghia and never put the top up (West Coast) who disappeared to Europe after Graduation. The Ghia white with black interior. I have no idea what color the top was. I never saw it. Sweet air cooled memories............

Pit Crew

Memory lane. Growing up in CT in the 60-70’s volkswagens were as common as Country Squires. Our family had various bugs, super bugs, dashers and jettas. I longed for a Rabbit for my first car but wound up with a Mustang. I was almost disowned. After driving American my entire life, I still dream of that Rabbit I never owned.