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3 Volkswagen time travelers find econo heaven

Earlier this summer, Volkswagen of America offered media loans of vintage vehicles from its historic collection. We gathered three of them—a Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Rabbit GTI—for a well-spent July day motoring around southeast Michigan. 


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Nice Articles!  Eric, I do want to point out that depressing the accel. pedal "a couple of times" will NOT empty the fuel bowl!  Depressing the accel pedal ONCE and leaving it alone, sets the choke plate into position for starting the car and idling with an enriched fuel-to-air mixture.  As the choke heater warms, and the car is driven, the coke plate will be released gradually and the throttle lever idle screw will jump to the next level on the idle cam--automatically.  I note that both '63s have been switched to 12 volts, complete with alternators, 009 dizzies and later carburetors.  This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons--you did not have a really authentic '63 Experience with either.  The other reason is that such alterations affect vintage value.  Eric, you may want to read from, since you have that 1967 Beetle in your personal garage.  Keep up the good work.  jay

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