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3 midsize street bikes that won’t break the bank

In the car universe, some collectibles are reliably magnetic. Wheel up to a concours, Sunday’s cars and coffee, or any other gearhead gathering in an early Sting Ray, an E-Type, or a vintage “patina pickup” and you’ll immediately find appreciation and friendship thanks to your ride.


Well, motorcycling hosts the same dynamic. In between heavies like Vincents and innumerable small-displacement Japanese bikes exists a nice selection of blue chips that are affordable, fun to ride, and beautiful—and they will always pass peer review among real bike folk. Here are three favorites you can typically find in ridable condition for $6000 or less. Read the full article on


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The CB750 was the first super bike and first production 4 cylinder. It decimated the competition. And it didn’t leak oil like it’s British counterparts and was super reliable. Knowing how long the CB750 was in production for, Honda got it right the first time. 
The BMW toasters were only one year - 1972 and were widely panned by the BMW community upon release. 
Having owned both bikes, they are fun to ride, own, and work on. Syncing all 4 carbs on the Honda can be tricky, but manageable.