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Hagerty Employee

3 key classics to watch at the 2020 Monterey Online auctions

We'll be closely watching a Porsche, an Alfa Romeo, and a Ferrari as they go up for sale at the Monterey Online auctions. Read the full article at to find out what makes these three special:

Intermediate Driver

That Ferrari engine shot certainly does not look like it was from the 64 500 Superfast.

Intermediate Driver

Well, it's such a relief to know the top 0.1% to 1.0% will have even more new choices at auction that the plebes will never have an opportunity to own, let alone drive.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Intermediate Driver

That Ferrari engine bay shot (8/9) certainly does not look like it belongs with the 64' 500 Superfast.


I have to say, I also tire of the constant attention given to these absurdly expensive vehicles, most of which the common person will never see, much less own or drive. Can we bring our coverage back down to earth where the bulk of your customers live? In a time of pandemic, when many millions can't figure out where they're going to get the $ to keep the lights on or food in the fridge, multi-million dollar automobiles are obscene. 

Intermediate Driver

Here,here Thank You

Intermediate Driver

Exactly. I don't need to see the cars that the millionaires will buy, show me the 10,000 to $40,000 cars.

Are articles such as these simply here to increase bidding for certain sellers?

Intermediate Driver

They are all beautiful and worthy of the crown, but the Ferrari will be hard to top as usual.

Intermediate Driver

I guess that I can put my bidder pedal away.


Can you feature the Jaguar XK 8 in an article ! As a 1997 XK8 owner, I would be curious what would be said about it by experts ! Thanks !!

New Driver

The first two I find downright ugly. The Ferrari is very nice. Okay, they are rare and expensive, but virtually no one can afford one. I'd prefer to see some great classics from the 50's, 60's & 70's. They are much more common and affordable for most car enthusiasts. 


In the photo above, it looks to me like the paint on the door of the 928 doesn’t match the front fender.  For six figures; the paint should match!


The paint pigment itself probably matches, it's the lay of the metallic that's different (probably). It's common for the metallic flakes to go on differently depending on the gun's air pressure, ambient humidity, and all sorts of other factors that sometimes can't be replicated. Ordinarily this is disguised by blending the paint into the adjacent panels (painting about half of each panel). Silver is absolutely the worst in this regard as the paint is mostly flake and very little pigment.

Advanced Driver

I think that the issue of affordability gets in the way, keeping our fellow automotive enthusiasts from enjoying the "high end" auction world. I really do know the feeling and this is not a critique, but just a alternate approach.

There was a time when us "commoners", with or without big $$$, could even get to see these vehicles. Try to forget about the crazy prices and just focus on what you would like to see in person one day! We must try to keep the fun and most positive aspects of the HDC alive. Collections? O.K. but not what most of us are doing?

I am from the Auto Repair world and was raised on BIG BLOCK cars burning the tires off, with the occasional Pro Stocker doing a wheel stand. Also loved and actually worked on the old XKE's in Butter yellow or British racing green and chamois colored leather interiors....and don't EVEN make me get the MGB/GT out again!


Stay positive until we can all get out there again.

Intermediate Driver

Sorry, duplicate

Pit Crew

I live in the world of shoe box Fords and mild resto-mod Camaros.  They are nice because we own them, perhaps wrench them, and see them at shows.  So, please continue featuring cars that aren't so common, and ignore the envious, grouchy complainers.


I agree with volvofanatic to the extent that for the rest of us this gear is out of our league. However; Hagerty must have something in mind otherwise they would not have approached the situation. 

I only buy cars I know i can drive without getting excessively paranoid in traffic.

I am on the Left Coast where there is more congestion and idiotic irresponsible drivers than anywhere, so I drive what I can get fixed when necessary. So far with the exception of one theft which was recovered I have had no issues.

I hope the folks in this end of the market have as much fun as I do.

New Driver

In my opinion, the 928 is simply not a durable collector car, given the electromechanical complexities, lack of analog “character” and the cost of repair/replacement/maintenance. I’d look at other offerings if you are truly in the market for an investment vehicle.  That said, if you are bent on owning and driving one; then get it!

Advanced Driver

I won't be watching any of them.  To quote Clark Gable, "Frankly me dear, I don't give a damn."


I was told the  928 engine was shared with the then Mercedes SL! An unusual and interesting classic that has costly parts and service, all proprietary bits...$$$$$


What a bunch of 'Whiners'.

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You Can't appreciate a Car that lives on.

To get them to Pebble Beach, expenses are beyond what you can fathom.

Expenses_Repairs providing income for repair shops [crew & overhead].

Expences_Parts & Fabrication/ for parts you can't shop for where ever it is you shop for your parts.

The Owner_

The income he provides to his employees through his Company.


I've been part of this process since the '70s.

Glad for the Owners love of the Cars