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3 Hollywood-famous bikes that you can add to your motorcycle collection | Hagerty Media

What do Henry Winkler, Paul Newman, and Peter Fonda have in common-besides the fact that they're all entertainment icons? Here's a not-so-obvious answer: motorcycles. Although the three weren't all motorcycle enthusiasts-Winkler couldn't even ride when he scored the part of Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli in Happy Days -they each portrayed a motorcycle-riding character in the movies or on TV.
Intermediate Driver

From what I recall Henry Winkler did not like motorcycles and did very little riding on Happy Days. Cool bike anyway.

Not sure the “Happy Days” tie is enough to get that Triumph to that number. We shall see...
Intermediate Driver

Paul Newman's ride is just called a CZ. Skoda is a totally separate entity that made tanks, artillery and cars while CZ, short for Česká Zbrojovka was founded shortly after Czechoslovakian independence and made small arms, followed by cars and motorcycles. The current divisions of CZ include CZ-UB which is still a gun maker, CZ Strakonice which makes forklifts and auto parts and was the motorcycle division, CZ Brno which also makes car parts and CZ-USA, which is the US manufacturing and distribution arm of CZ-UB.

I remember all the burned legs from those hi pipes...