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3 essential alignment terms, explained

Handling is a word you will read frequently in the automotive world. Journalists, race car drivers, and manufacturer reps will debate the handling nuances between different models to no end, referring to subframe bushings and spring rates and how exactly the actuation of power steering may effect a car's behavior. Despite the infinite array of technical terms, most of the time a car's handling character is determined by three steering adjustments.


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There is an awful lot of error in this article and in Jason Fenske's videos as well. Your description of toe is reversed. Excess toe out makes cars darty and excess toe in makes the steering numb.  Caster affects steering effort, not camber. Kingpin inclination is not synonymous with caster. Camber is to even out the load on the face of the tire at maximum cornering load but not so much that braking suffers. Even tire wear indicates when the camber is correct for the operation. If you are a gentle street driving Corvette owner, there is probably too much negative camber for you. If you are a track day Corvette junkie, you probably don't have enough.