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3 colossal, classic GM wagons for under $20K

We talk a lot about classic sports cars, exotics, and American muscle, and for good reason. In our hobby, most of what we see people buying and selling falls into one of those categories. If we actually went back to the 1960s and ’70s, though, we would see that plain-Jane sedans ruled the roads. On the highway, we’d see herds of station wagons. Not minivans or crossovers—good ol' fashioned station wagons. (Or estate cars, or whatever you want to call them.)


Most domestic wagons are old enough to be classics, and many are still surprisingly affordable if you’re looking for a stylish cruiser with room for some friends and maybe a dog or two. You really are spoiled for choice in this category, so we narrowed down the options to three big estate cars, each from a different brand but all built by the General, that could be yours for less than $20K.


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I grew up riding in a 1963 Pontiac Safari Wagon with a 283 and 2 speed powerglide transmission. Wish I could post a pucture.

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