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Hagerty Employee

25 Greatest Mustangs: 1994 Mustang SN95

Fourteen years after the Mustang’s last makeover, Ford, deep into its jellybean period, applied its 1990s fascination with ovoids to its formerly angular pony car.


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A lot of people didn't like them. I thought they looked fine. What I didn't like was that they actually lost horsepower from the 5.0. Then to add insult to injury the first 4.6 2v engines would fall on their faces where the 5.0 was sill pulling hard. Then when you compare the horsepower numbers of said 4.6 to the LT1 and then the LS1 in the Camaros, it just made them unappealing.  My brother in law had a '97. The most embarrassed I ever saw ANY Mustang owner was him when my father in law in his 97 Sedan Deville with the Northstar eat the 'stang for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and fart out Donnie's pride during the 2-3 shift. If they would have ran like they looked, I think they would have had something.