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Hagerty Employee

25 Greatest Mustangs: 1964 1/2

These cars don’t exist. Not really. Technically, every first-year production Mustang is a 1965. But the first cars rolled out of Ford’s Dearborn plant on March 9, 1964, and Mustangs built before August 17 are considered 1964 ½ models by those in the know.


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Too bad that Hagerty doesn't provide a value estimate for the 1964 1/2 Hipo mustang.

Advanced Driver

OK, I'll say at first, not a bad list.  Although, I do see a few areas that can be "tidied up" to allow for more inclusions. First, 01-02. Just combine those into one 65 Mustang-the fastback K code. That neatly represents the first year entry.  Next, 04. I feel the Hertz Mustang can easily be grouped with the other Shelbys as other than paint and a history of rental abuse, they are the same car. Call that entry "the 65-66 Shelby Mustang".  Number 10. This car is easily forgettable and can be removed.  Yes it was a movie car, but not from that memorable of a movie, and it's not particularly a great example of the 71-73 breed. Finally, I would replace 18 with a car more deserved of that spot-the 96 Mustang Cobra (preferably in Mystic Purple). This represents the best of the jelly bean SN95 cars. OR if so inclined, the 1995 SVT Cobra R. Also, a worthy choice and even more rare.


Now that we've made some breathing room, here's a few great ones that are sorely missing.  The 69 Mach 1. Legendary first year of the Mach and a special Mustang. Perhaps a shaker 390 or 428.  Next, the 69-70 Shelby GT350/GT500.  This car had  unique styling, Shelby cache, and (in my opinion) is probably one of the best looking Mustangs ever made. Finally, a 72-73 Mach 1 would slot in nicely as a replacement for the 60 seconds car.  With its killer looks and legendary name, it would make a much better addition.


A couple of other areas of note. The fact that the 4.6 mod motor is ill represented and utterly dismissed in number 19 is as a disappointment to me. This is a motor, that offered roughly the same performance as the outgoing 5.0 in 96, and saw an evolution over the next 15 years that gave it a 100 hp increase and fair amount of street cred as a fast Mustang power plant.  Yes, its easily forgotten since the rebirth of the Coyote, but like any engine before the most current, its just a victim of advancement in technology.


Finally, the Camaro blurb at the end is completely unnecessary and full of falsehoods. This has been an ongoing arms race between these two cars for over 50 years with no clear winner. Some years/generations the Mustang is better, some the Camaro. And that last bit is a little subjective as well. Which is faster?, Which handles better?, Which is a better daily driver?, Which gets more looks?, etc.  Case in point, I've owned Thirdgen F-bodies, and Fox bodies.  My 85 GT would roast my 85 Trans AM from a stoplight, but the TA outhandled it and had a nicer body style and interior.  Yet the 85 GT was more comfortable to drive.  So who's to say which is the better car?  But I'll give the author one point-the Firebird is the best Camaro! 


One and a half paragraphs for the car that revolutionized the American auto industry? Really? I'm disappointed.