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25 Corvette facts that every enthusiast should know | Hagerty Media

Chevrolet has been pumping out Corvettes for 66 years, building about 1.5 million of them since 1953. That makes the 'Vette one of the most popular sports cars of all time. First- and second-generation Corvettes were one of the first true collectible cars of the modern era, and collecting Corvettes remains a global phenomenon.

The 1978 Indy Pace Car might be the best looking special edition Vette ever. The paint even today has style. Sure there are lots of better performing Vettes but the 1978 was an eyecatcher. When there were no real options for performance.
New Driver

I have always loved them my uncle bought one and let me drive it to the store and back I was twelve at the time and thought I was the coolest when my buddies and girl friend watching as I drove up in style. Took about two months to erase the smile from my face. Lol
New Driver

While I agree the 78 was the best looking of the special edition vetted. I'm chomping at the bit to see if the whisper's are going to be true and the 2023 models are brought back with the 1963 coupe's split rear window. Which I've always wanted especially if they could re-create the RAM -JET fuel injection's physical appearance. A retro Vette in the truest form. The number of firsts on the 63 we're amazing. First independent rear end, first coup, first appearance of the aluminum knock off rims and the first appearance of the hide away headlights.

I got to spend a lot of time caring for a low mile 78 pace car. It was a totally quality mess but by far one of the best looking Vettes ever. The color combo was just great.

Soon they will be able to add the first twin turbo factory Vette.

I don’t see a factory split window coming. I did see an aftermarket version being done.