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Hagerty Employee

227 bullet holes didn’t stop this 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe’s resurrection

In 2002, my friend Alex McGillervery and I heard about this coupe for sale. We drove to Phoenix to meet with the seller and arrived at what could be described as the ultimate hot-rod house. The guy had been building hot rods his entire life. Facing old age and realizing he would never get to build all of them, he had started to liquidate his stash of projects.


After looking at the coupe body, we were told that another coupe body would be for sale, as well. We each made separate deals for our prospective bodies and parts, then loaded the trailer to head back to Tucson.


Alex and I started with my coupe since it was the cheaper one and in worse shape. It had 227 bullet holes in it, and that became the car’s name ... Read the full article on



Thank you Hagerty for including my story. Thank you to all that have responded to the story. Here is social media link so you can see more about the 227 bullet coupe and all the build photos.


It’s a shame that builders of old Ford hot rods don’t do the car justice by installing a Ford engine, I agree a flathead would have been perfect

New Driver

I'm not really a Ford guy, but yeah, when building an iconic '32 coupe, it should have Henry power. A 312 Thunderbird engine would be way cooler between the rails than a mundane Chevrolet small block. And this coming from a lifelong Chevrolet guy !!

New Driver

What a great timeline of American values.  Someone purchased the Ford brand new.  The car was passed down the line until it was either too broke to fix, to old to impress others that you have a car, so it possibly was parked out back someplace and ultimately became someone's 'Shootin' Car.'

Years later, the car is purchased by 'the ultimate hot rod house' - possibly for parts or something that didn't have a bullet hole in it.

Along come Ron, see the car, and speaks two of the four most expensive words in the English language - "What If - - -."  The other two most expensive words are "I do."

Good article on the car because it leaves the reader thinking about the bullet holes, and what they would do if they found such a project.