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Hagerty Employee

'22 Civic Si carries six-speed torch, Lego kit previews next Batmobile, T.50 at full shriek

Intake: Driving enthusiasts and fans of the big H, rejoice: The new Civic Si is here. Like the previous generation, the new Si uses a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, now good for 192 lb-ft of torque and 200 horsepower-same torque as before but five fewer ponies.

Anyone taking bets on how long it'll take Hondata to come up with a flash tune to bring the HP of the Si to a place where it is competitive to the Volkswagen GTI? Don't get me wrong, the Si has always been a great car, but you can't ignore the big power difference between it and the GTI, which is the benchmark to that market segment.

Good for Honda for still making CARS

As for Mas, when Ferrari stopped making their engines, they lost what little appeal they had from me. So they are building a small SUV, because it took them how long to figure out the macan is the best selling porsche they make lol Good old Mas, always late to the party lol
Intermediate Driver

lots of good news with the new civic Si but i cant help but feel a little disappointed. the gulf between the Si and the rest of the sport compact crowd is ever widening. ive driven the previous gen one, and while i understand that the mission is not RAW POWER and never has been, its getting increasingly hard to justify the purchase vs the competitive segment unless you are a true Honda person. its still not as bad as Subaru's highly disappointing new WRX reveal, but I will keep on waiting for the new Type R/Integra/Type S.

I agree with you there. The Si was much more competitive in the market in previous generations. It used to be a viable GTI alternative but it is becoming less as much with each iteration. But that being the case, I have hopes for the Integra that it'll fill the gap between the Si and the Type R.


The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 sounds pretty good. Can't wait to see this thing get a full workout soon. Knowing the McLaren F1 everyone has high hopes for this car.