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2022 Super Bowl car ads: Touchdowns, field goals, and fumbles

So much time and effort go into prepping for the Super Bowl. There's brainstorming, planning, assessment, and adjustment-and sometimes readjustment. Even when victory seems assured, sometimes the big game arrives and things just don't go the way you'd planned. Know what we mean, Irish Spring? Wait, did you think we were talking about football?
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New Driver

What football game?
Pit Crew

GM's was the best- not a fumble. I've seen the Austin Powers movies countless times and they nailed the essence of those past movies. Made me want to plunk down some $$ on that new Silverado.

Dr. Evil could even pitch a Yugo and I would love it. Bravo!

Carvana's regular announcer's voice is so annoying I have tuned out of everything Carvana.

Polestar had my attention until they showed the car - just another box with the swervy lines in eactly the same places as everyone else. I frankly couldn't pick it out stylistically versus a Volvo or a Kia.

If the commercial wasn't about herding cats, I wasn't interested.

Honestly, though, those commercials seem to be going downhill more every year. I liked the Z ad and Dr. Evil is usually good for a chuckle if I'm in a silly mood. But for what was spent, I find it hard to fathom that the payback (adding customers) is there. One thing for certain, though, if floating QR codes for 30 seconds sells product, there's gonna be a LOT of celebs out of work soon!

The best one was the Zeus/BMW ad. Of course, how bad could it be, with Selma Hayek in it? ;<)

Second was the Nissan ad, if only because an honest-to-goodness 6-speed sports car is making a comeback from the dead. Long live the Fairlady Z!

IMO your rankings are spot on. Good job!

The BEST automotive ad for the SuperYawn was in 2005. New Ford GT racing around a track at about 9/10. See it here: .Gives me goose bumps every time.