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Hagerty Employee

2022 Subaru BRZ, MINI Vision Urbanaut, 2022 Honda Civic | Daily Driver


The Subaru BRZ is all new with more power and tech, Mini introduces the Vision Urbanaut self-driving EV concept, and Honda drops the coupe model from the Civic lineup. Plus, You Paid What.

Intermediate Driver

I don't know the US sales fugures for the Honda Element but here in Québec, Canada, they were selling like cup cakes. They were very popular with hipsters ans small businesses as delivery vehicles. My clothing & custom furnishing designer niece still has hers and would'nt want anything else. They are very popular on the used market. I drove it once and this "thing" is actually fun to drive !

Community Manager

I don't think they sold very well after the first couple of years of production, but now they are all resale Gold on the used car market!