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Hagerty Employee

2022 RS 3 skates under $60K, Porsche offers LMDh racers to privateers, V-12 for Ferrari SUV

Intake: Audi's raucous pocket-rocket is back in the U.S. with new looks, some new mechanicals, but the same great five-cylinder engine. Relative to its 2020 model-year predecessor, the new RS 3 boasts a 1.3-inch wider track but keeps the same reverse-stagger (wider front wheels than rears) setup.
Intermediate Driver

My guess is the RS3 continues to not be available with a manual transmission... for shame.

Every time I search for the unobtainium valve train tool for an M110, I think about electrifying my W126. But then I remember I have a long, hard slog to waterproof the back window. Do not want water leaking in on its "gas tank".

The Audi is a terrible color and an ugly car.
Everrati has some very interesting ideas. For purists I'm sure that their concept is insulting
but for those of us who drive our cars as much as I distrust technology it's worth considering. Also: If you do a conversion you can forget about Market values. Your fiscal destiny at completion will very much be at the hands of circumstances you can't control.

At least the Audi RS3 has an interior with buttons so the tech will be more useful than the Golf.

Pagoda SL by Everrati costs $370k? Crack is a hell of a drug.

Intermediate Driver

i love the RS3, and it will likely be the last performance compact you can get with a) a unique powertrain and b) no hybrid bull**bleep**. if my GR corolla CE falls through (or ends up with a 10k+ market adjustment) maybe thats where ill go.

I'm curious what percentage of Hagerty customers, let alone those that read the forums could honestly answer yes to being interested in buying an EV conversion that cost 100k let alone 360k.

Might as well ask us if we would buy a stainless steel 1936 Ford.