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Hagerty Employee

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class borrows from big brother | Hagerty Media

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is almost a scaled-down S-Class, taking styling cues and a passenger environment from the biggest sedan in the Benz family. What the C-Class won't get is the larger engines from the S-Class, with all models in the line-up being powered by four-cylinder motors and supplemented with hybrid technology in the form of a 48-volt integrated starter-generator.

This design language where every size model looks the same except for the length is incredibly boring. You would think that this model which is bought by their youngest demographic would have their most adventurous styling, but no, just another bar of soap.
Intermediate Driver

Another car lost to the gigantic iPad like screen in the dash. No buttons or switches just something that makes me take my eyes off the road to do anything.  That new Lexus IS looks more appealing to me.